Challenged with prejudice, stereotypes and inequality through their lives, diversity speakers are some of the most powerful and inspirational people in the world. Having overcome adversity and challenges throughout their lives, our speakers will deliver incredibly passionate and compelling performances at your event.

Showing and inspiring people to embrace uniqueness and individuality, Champions Speakers’ stable of speakers will not only encompass people from all walks of life but go far beyond that to act as an inspiration to those that have been exposed to inequality to desire and achieve more by embracing their diversity.

From topics associated directly with issues faced by minorities and females to refreshing viewpoints on business, economics, motivation and leadership, our expert diversity and inclusion speakers will guarantee an eye-opening, engrossing and incredibly pertinent event.

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Robert Rinder
kate richardson walsh
Kate Richardson-Walsh
Sir Ian Mckellen
nicola adams
Nicola Adams
Kellie Maloney
Kellie Maloney
cally beaton
Cally Beaton
lord chris holmes
Chris Holmes
derek redmond
Derek Redmond
In a world that has more genders, races, sexualities, religions and unique individuals then ever before, diversity within the world is at an all-time high. The inspiring diversity speakers that are available to hire for events and functions through the Champions Speakers agency will deliver passionate and powerful performances that inspire us all to embrace diversity and individuality within the world.

Championing individual rights and promoting individuality, our fearless and inspirational diversity speakers will eloquently discuss issues including race, gender, sexuality and inequality to raise the awareness and importance of these pressing issues that remain within society. Able to hire for events, conferences and functions around the world, our Diversity Speakers will encourage and facilitate thought-provoking conversations that will challenge ideals and the status quo to increase people’s understanding and acceptance of others.
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