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Beth Davies
Beth Davies is credited for the success of several high-profile companies, including Tesla, Apple and Microsoft. Her insight into professional development and Human Resources has made her one of the most sought after speakers on the circuit, while…
By Jack Hayes and Beth Davies - 01/07/2020
Emile Heskey
Emile Heskey is best known for his role with Leicester City, Wigan Athletic and England's national football team. During 633 professional matches, he scored a whopping 130 goals and capped an incredible 62 times with England. Emile is best known for…
By Jack Hayes and Emile Heskey - 25/06/2020
Rob Ferguson
With a lifelong passion for travel, exploring and climate conservation, Rob Ferguson has completed some of the most challenging missions in the world - including traversing across Norway, the Himalayas and the USA. For years he has been pushing the…
By Katie Clarke and Rob Ferguson - 19/06/2020
Mandy Hickson
Mandy Hickson's life story is filled with determination, perseverance and the strength needed to dismantle societal stereotypes. Having enjoyed a thriving career with the RAF, where she became the second female pilot to captain a fighter jet on the…
By Jack Hayes and Mandy Hickson - 16/06/2020
Speakers for international mens day
With gender equality making great strides, the world has come a long way since the Suffragette's movement in the early 1900s. Despite this, some men are still slipping through the cracks of social injustices. This is where International Men's Day (…
By Jack Hayes - 12/06/2020
General News
duncan wardle
At Champions, we had the privilege of talking to Disney's creative mastermind, the revolutionary Duncan Wardle. In the interview, led by Director, Jack Hayes, Duncan revealed the secrets to Disney's success, including the importance of innovation,…
By Jack Hayes and Duncan Wardle - 11/06/2020
Webinars have quickly become one of the most popular methods of promoting your message, product or providing a platform for experts to speak. For organisers, shifting from traditional to online events can be challenging, as they each require…
By Megan Lupton - 10/06/2020
Tips & Advice
Microphone on Stage
The idea of speaking in public can strike fear into even the most confident of people. The cold sweats, the churning stomach, the pounding of the heart can all come on when faced with the task of standing in front of a crowd. You're not alone if you…
By Kali Dennett - 09/06/2020
General News
With 2020 quickly becoming the year of the webinar, the speaking industry will never be the same again. More and more event organisers are valuing the power of online events, as they can connect with audiences from all over the world and aren't…
By Megan Lupton - 01/06/2020
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