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Female Motivational Speakers official blog feature image
Powerful, determined, and incredibly resilient, the strength of female motivational speakers inspires audiences globally to overcome challenges in all areas of their lives. From influential business leaders to sportswomen, we work with female…
By Megan Lupton BA MA - 30/11/2023
Featured Speakers
Transgender flag
As we dive into Transgender Awareness Week 2023, we embark on a journey of inclusion and advocacy. This blog post serves as your gateway to understanding, celebrating, and supporting the transgender community, featuring the best transgender…
By Megan Lupton BA MA - 31/10/2023
Diversity & Inclusion, LGBTQ+
Finance Speakers
With a new Prime Minister and the UK officially in recession, it’s difficult to know where to turn for financial guidance. Luckily, our banking and finance speakers are on hand to offer bespoke advice to suit your audience and support you through…
By Jack Hayes - 03/10/2023
Finance & Economics
People attending a conference.
The events of 2023 will be reflected in the popular conference themes of 2024. From the geopolitical climate to sustainability, audiences will want to feel healthier and learn more about our planet. Business owners must adapt to the new rules and…
By Jack Hayes - 02/10/2023
General News
Sales Kickoff Speakers
Burnout, demotivation and anxiety are commonplace in British workplaces. As 21% of British adults have experienced some form of depression, it is clear that more needs to be done to improve wellbeing. For many, the start of a new year brings…
By Jack Hayes - 30/09/2023
Event Planning
Health & Wellbeing
Health and wellbeing continue to be vital conference topics in 2024. Armed with a range of strategies for juggling health and life, health speakers are the ideal guests for corporate audiences who commonly find themselves negatively affected by…
By Jack Hayes - 29/09/2023
Health, Mental Health & Wellbeing
Information Security
Information security is an important part of running a successful business, with businesses across the globe relying on sensitive data that can make or break their company. In order to maintain information security, many businesses appoint a Chief…
By Mark Matthews - 29/09/2023
Sports Speakers
From the Olympic Games to the World Cup, sporting events are some of the most popular forms of entertainment across the globe. Behind each game are the players, who have honed qualities like resilience and determination to achieve world-leading…
By Kali Dennett - 29/09/2023
General News, Sports
As the world and workplace continue to evolve, it is crucially important that you do too. Defined as the concern for events of the future or anticipation of the future, futurism encompasses all aspects of life – from the future of technology to the…
By Jack Hayes - 26/09/2023
Futurism & Future Trends