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After Dinner Speaker Microphone
After dinner speakers have become an essential aspect of any formal dinner. They hold the key to complete audience engagement, as they confidently and effortlessly tell their story. Whether these speakers infuse comedy or a thought provoking…
By Jack Hayes - 31/03/2020
After Dinner Speakers, General News
As technology continues to expand into different industries, it has significantly shaped the speaking circuit. Visual in nature, you will commonly find that events, conferences or industry exhibitions are filmed for promotional or educational…
By Jack Hayes - 27/03/2020
After Dinner Speakers, Motivational, Technology
Inga Beale
Dame Inga Beale is a pioneer of British business. As the former CEO of Lloyd's of London, she is credited for the corporate body's great success in the insurance and reinsurance market. As a female business leader, she is trailblazing representation…
By Megan Lupton - 25/03/2020
Business, Business & Motivational, Finance, Speaker Spotlights
Finance Speakers
Within the world of finance, there are expert pioneers predicting losses and ensuring profits. Within these experts are a group of economists who are also inviting audiences to understand the sometimes complex landscape of the global economy;…
By Jack Hayes - 24/03/2020
Adventurers on mountain top
Adventure speakers are sure-fire crowd-pleasers. Their range of stories connects with audiences of all demographics, enticing them with promises of danger and, ultimately, glory. From all corners of the world, these famous explorers and adventurers…
By Megan Lupton - 18/03/2020
Ollie Ollerton
Ollie Ollerton strolls into the office and sits himself down on the supersize deckchair in the lobby, looking comparatively small against the canvas. For those who have witnessed Ollie on SAS: Who Dares Wins or have taken his corporate training…
By Ollie Ollerton - 12/03/2020
Business & Motivational
101 Motivational Speakers Banner
Looking for a list of the top 100 motivational speakers in the world today? How about 101? Read the stories of one-hundred and one of the very best motivational speakers, who can capture the imagination of all in attendance at conferences and…
By Jack Hayes - 11/03/2020
Motivational speaker? Comedian? Event Host? Celebrity DJ? Event entertainment ideas are few and far between. With hundreds, if not thousands of ideas able to give your event the "wow factor" it deserves - we have found 11 of the most popular types…
By Cat Mitchell - 10/03/2020
After Dinner Speakers, Entertainment, General News, Motivational, Tips & Advice
Paula Radcliffe
What are you most excited to see at Tokyo 2020? "For me, I think always watching the event that I competed in, I'm more drawn to those. Knowing the people, knowing the characters so, obviously, I'm interested to see what Mo can do when he goes…
By Paula Radcliffe - 01/03/2020
Steph McGovern with broadcasting camera
Former business presenter for BBC Breakfast, Stephanie Mcgovern is a common face on British television. She now presents Steph's Talks, a Channel 4 talk show fronted by Steph. From an early age, she won awards for her business innovation, a…
By Megan Lupton - 28/02/2020
Speaker Spotlights, TV & Celebrity Chefs