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Interview: Dr Sally Uren – Chief Executive of Forum for the Future with a PhD in Environmental Sciences
Interview: Bruce Daisley – Former YouTube Managing Director & European Vice President at Twitter
Interview: Nigel Topping – High-Level Champion for Climate Action & Former CEO of WE MEAN BUSINESS
Interview: Eniola Aluko – The First Female Presenter on Match of the Day Who Played for Women’s England Football Team
At Champions Speakers, our powerful leadership speakers hail from a wide range of industries and sectors. From military officials to business owners and sport’s greatest Captains, the strength of a leader can dictate the success of their team. No…
By Megan Lupton BA MA - 29/06/2022
Digital Disruption
Digital disruption affects hundreds of people and industries across the globe, and is a crucial factor in the world of business. With 70% of companies already having a digital transformation strategy in place, make sure you increase that percentage…
By Chris Tompkins - 14/06/2022
Overcoming adversity
Inevitably, everyone will experience major adversities in their lifetime. Some people will see these adversities as a challenge, awaken their inner resilience and ride the wave. Whilst, others will struggle to cope, they may become overwhelmed and…
By Lauren Perkins - 27/05/2022
Andrew Pain
This exclusive guest post was written by Andrew Pain. Andrew is a popular corporate speaker who specialises in leadership, resilience and how to nurture a productive, happy workforce. In this post, Andrew reflects on imposter syndrome and how to…
By Megan Lupton BA MA - 25/05/2022
Featured Speakers, Mental Health & Wellbeing
For many businesses, a motivational speaker is the missing link between them and their corporate goals. These speakers are professional salespeople, high-energy and with an infectious positivity. However, some people have misconstrued these traits…
By Jack Hayes - 25/05/2022
Sally Uren
Dr Sally Uren, esteemed CEO of Forum to the Future, sat down with our director, Jack Hayes, to discuss how businesses can join the fight against climate change. A popular sustainability speaker, Sally was named in the 100 UK Leading…
By Jack Hayes - 11/05/2022
Bruce Daisley
In a busy London office, Bruce Daisley was one of Twitter’s most senior executives. Now, he is an influential corporate speaker specialising in leadership and workplace culture. Bruce uses his experience at YouTube and Twitter to transform the…
By Megan Lupton BA MA - 11/05/2022
Nigel Topping
At Champions Speakers, our director Jack Hayes was thrilled to sit down with Nigel Topping, the UK’s High-Level Champion for Climate Change and former CEO of WE MEAN BUSINESS. In our interview, Nigel explained the relationship between politics and…
By Jack Hayes - 09/05/2022
Eniola Aluko
We at Champions Speakers were thrilled to sit down with the first female Match of the Day presenter, Eniola Aluko, in this exciting interview! Eniola has played for the likes of Chelsea, Juventus, and even competed for her country at the 2012 London…
By Chris Tompkins - 06/05/2022