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Sports Speakers
Throughout history, sports have evolved and changed to include new disciplines and more advanced technology, however, these athletes' spirits have remained the same. Whether they have achieved unprecedented results and broken records with their…
By Kali Dennett - 25/09/2020
General News, Sports
Stressed businessman
Stress is an unfortunate fact of everyday life. From finances, to your work or family relationships, heightened anxiety can be triggered by a multitude of factors and can take a devastating toll on someone’s wellbeing. Every year, International…
By Megan Lupton - 21/09/2020
Health, Motivational
Delivering the perfect keynote speech requires an engaging topic and market-leading knowledge. When done properly, such presentations can be extremely rewarding for corporate audiences and professional speakers alike, as keynote addresses explore…
By Megan Lupton - 20/09/2020
Tips & Tricks
Influencer Marketing
With 49% of consumers relying on an influencer recommendation before investing in a product or service, influencer marketing is the strategy guaranteed to improve your brand image and boost your sales. However, as influencer marketing has only…
By Kali Dennett - 17/09/2020
General News
Cycling Race Uphill
Definition of marginal gains: The theory that small yet significant improvements can lead to monumental results. It is otherwise known as the 1% Factor and was credited to the British Cycling team’s recent success. Coined by one of cycling’s…
By Megan Lupton - 15/09/2020
General News
Event Host
You’ve booked your speaker, prepped them on the talk’s requirements and set up their equipment, all that’s left to do is introduce them to the audience. Not to be underestimated, a good introduction is essential to set your guest’s expectations and…
By Kali Dennett - 11/09/2020
Event Planning, Public Speaking
Book A Celebrity For A Radio Day
Unlike other forms of media, radio continues to be a fan-favourite amongst the British public. As reported in 2019, 89% of adults in the United Kingdom listened to live radio every week, through both traditional and digital platforms. This…
By Jack Hayes - 07/09/2020
Tips & Tricks
lgbt speakers
London is one of the most diverse cities in the world and has a huge LGBT community. In 2017, London’s Pride event saw over 25,000 people gather for the annual celebration - the largest amount of people in the event’s 45-year history. Despite many…
By Megan Lupton - 04/09/2020
Diversity & Inclusion
No event is complete without a host, someone who will structure and guide the occasion from one speaker, award or act to another. Engaging and entertaining, these presenters can leave a lasting impression on your audience, ensuring that your event…
By Megan Lupton - 03/09/2020
Host & Auctioneer