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Exclusive Interview: Sam Ruddock - Paralympic Cyclist On Track For Tokyo 2021
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Craig Oliver
Beginning his career in journalism, Sir Craig Oliver was promoted to Controller of English BBC Global News at a time of extreme volatility and technological change. Successfully navigating his way through the birth of the 24-hour news cycle which…
By Sophie Wheeldon - 26/01/2021
Paul Johnson
Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, and a member of the Committee on Climate Change, Paul Johnson has worked extensively on the economics of public policy with a focus on education, climate change, social security, and public finance.…
By Sophie Wheeldon and Paul Johnson - 22/01/2021
With LGBT+ Pride Month coming up in June 2021, now is the time to make your workplace more inclusive. LGBT+ employees make up a substantial portion of the workforce, but they are still not widely protected by global policies. As a business leader,…
By Megan Lupton - 20/01/2021
Sam Ruddock
Possessing unparalleled drive and determination, Sam Ruddock is an outstanding Paralympic athlete who has rocketed through the ranks of track cycling. Initially spotted as a potential track and field athlete, Sam was recognised for his speed and…
By Sophie Wheeldon and Sam Ruddock - 18/01/2021
Mr Motivator
With 2021 well and truly underway, we wanted to highlight the achievements of a popular current speaker, Mr Motivator. Since bursting onto our screens in 1993 and returning during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, he continues to promote the power of…
By Jack Hayes - 15/01/2021
Featured Speakers
Mental Health
A recent online poll conducted by YouGov, discovered that 74% of people in the UK have felt so stressed at work, they have been “overwhelmed or felt unable to cope”. This staggering statistic demonstrates just how prominent mental health issues are…
By Megan Lupton - 13/01/2021
Mental Health & Wellbeing
Emma-Jane Taylor
Known as ‘The Inspirational Mentor’, Emma-Jane Taylor has turned her trauma into motivation, using her story of childhood abuse and abandonment to tackle taboo topics, raise awareness and educate the next generation. In her youth she was labelled…
By Sophie Wheeldon and Emma-Jane Taylor - 08/01/2021
People attending a conference.
The events of 2020 are reflected in the popular conference themes of 2021. From the Covid-19 pandemic to the Black Lives Matter protests, audiences will want to feel healthier and learn more about diversity, inclusion and equality. With the end to…
By Jack Hayes - 01/01/2021
General News
Peter Alliss
On the 6th of December 2020, golf lost one of its greatest commentators and former players, Peter Alliss. At Champions Speakers, we had the honour of working with Peter on several occasions, including after dinner engagements and interviews. His…
By Jack Hayes - 07/12/2020
General News, Sports