George Galloway

Leader of the Respect Party

Scottish born politics speaker, writer and leading member of the Respect Party George Galloway is known to many for his outspoken ideals and frequent appearances on both television and radio. Also known as a broadcaster George Galloway has acted as a politics speaker and Member of Parliament for numerous British constituencies including the influential London based borough of Bethnal Green.

Originally a Labour supporter George Galloway took his first position in political office in 1987 as the MP for the now redundant Glasgow Hillhead constituency, Galloway continued to stand for Scottish constituencies until May 2005 when he stepped down to take over as political speaker and Bethnal Green MP from Labour candidate Oona King.

In 2003 George Galloway was expelled from the Labour Party and joined the Respect Party the following year. He was elected into the Bethnal Green seat as a Respect Party MP and was made the party leader soon after. Though Galloway failed to be elected into the seat at Poplar and Limehouse he continued to campaign and re-established his political career as a Westminster MP when he was elected into Bradford West in 2012.

As well as working as a politics speaker George Galloway is well known for his charity work and broadcasting career, he spent four years as the General Secretary for the British charity War on Want and also appeared on the fourth series of Celebrity Big Brother raising money for other charitable organizations. Galloway has gone on to work as a television and radio presenter, appearing on a variety of shows covering both political and sporting subject areas.

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