Matthew King OBE


With one of the most inspiring stories on our roster, Matthew King is a highly effective after-dinner speaker for promoting motivation and a can-do attitude within corporate, school and sporting audiences. Having faced the ultimate adversity, there is seemingly nothing that Matt can’t do. A victim of neck paralysis, a spinal cord injury and global marathon runner, is the perfect addition to any event in search of an incredibly inspiring story.

Whilst taking the career pathway to become a professional rugby player, Matt’s life was entirely transformed in a matter of seconds when he was involved in a serious tackle at just 17 years old. The next thing he knew, he was ventilator dependent in a specialist spinal cord injury unit with his ambition in life stripped from him. Whilst struggling simply just to survive, King came to the conclusion that he was going to defy all expectations and go above and beyond in order to succeed.

Since the day of his accident, Matthew has gone to read law at university. He achieved a first-class honours degree, qualified as a lawyer and joined one of London’s top law firms as a solicitor. He has also become an incredibly successful mouth painting artist, has skied the slopes of Sweden and completed global marathons.

Such a rollercoaster journey has taken King to become a coach for the England Rugby League national team amongst other sporting teams, NHS Managerial and Clinical Staff, universities and various corporations. He shares his positive approach to help any age group in any stage of life to overcome adversity that may be in their way of success.

He has also gone onto release his own critically acclaimed autobiography, 04.04.04 which is now one of the highest-reviewed books on Amazon and also coaches newly injured patients in similar positions to him on how to reconstruct their lives. As a keen philanthropist, Matt donates any profits made by his book to charities that offer support to spinal cord injury victims and also regularly gives his highly-desired paintings to charity auctions.

As the youngest person to ever receive an honour, Matt King was only 25 when he was named OBE in 2012 for his services to charity for those with disabilities. Dubbed ”the inspirational journey of an inspirational man” by The Independent, it’s evident that King has a story we can all learn from. His can-do attitude is truly inspirational and something highly desired by all businesses and school environments, making him one of the most highly sought after speakers on our roster.

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When at corporate events, Matthew is known to cover the following topics:

  • These Shoes Were Made for Walking
  • The Smallest Things Make The Biggest Difference
  • Limitations are only in your Mind
  • Stepping Up To The Challenge
  • Accepting Responsibility to Succeed
  • What It Takes To Achieve
  • Not Just Surviving, but Thriving!