James Timpson MBE


Business management expert and retail speaker James Timpson OBE is the CEO of the UK’s largest watch repair shop and engravers, Timpsons. Becoming director of the family owned business in 1998, James has helped the group to expand its retail portfolio and remain successful during the turbulence of the recent global economic crisis. As well as being a successful and innovative businessman, James Timpson also works as a prolific after dinner speaker and has headed up a number of community-based recruitment projects.

The fifth Timpson to play a role in the running and management of the Timpson empire, which was founded by his great-great-grandfather in 1865, James oversaw the company’s purchase of 180 Max Spielmann and more than 120 Snappy Snap Stores in 2008 and 2013, helping to boast the company’s turnover to more than £200 million.

His work as a retail speaker highlights the initiatives put in place by James across the Timpson Group to promote success and increase profits for the brand. These incentives include an upside down management system, which Timpson employs to ensure that all those who come into direct contact with customers are the most experienced, qualified and important employee’s in each individual store.

With more than 3500 employees, the Timpson Group prides itself on employing not only the most qualified but also training numerous members of staff and hiring the most enthusiastic and passionate people to work at each of their retail outlets. As a business speaker, James Timpson OBE often highlights the importance of customer relations and maintaining a strong relationship between employees and management.

His work as a retail speaker outlines how to promote and ensure employee satisfaction and high levels of customer services and, with more than 250 years of experience and success, the Timpson family could not be better placed to understand the British retail industry.

One of the most forward-thinking and innovative aspects to Timpson’s recruitment includes the initiative forged with the British prison service, helping to train inmates and rehabilitate prisoners to become positive contributors to their local community.

James Timpson has worked as a business speaker at government and prison service functions, promoting the positive outcome of initiatives such as the one headed up by Timpson. As the man behind the creation of the Timpson Foundation, James has helped a number of other businesses to recruit from within British prisons and currently acts as the chair of the Employers Forum for Reducing Reoffending.

As well as working as an after dinner speaker, James also works as the David Goldman Visiting Professor of Innovation and specialist business speaker at the Newcastle University Business School. Awarded an OBE in 2011 for his services to British employment services and overall community, James Timpson is not only a paragon of individual development but has a keen insight into the most creative and effective business practices available to modern CEO’s.

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When at corporate events, James is known to cover the following topics:

  • Business Management
  • Ex-Offenders Workplace Initiative
  • Business Expansion
  • Retail Management
  • Family Business