Jeremy Paxman


Renowned British political speaker, broadcaster and journalist Jeremy Paxman is one of the most sought after TV presenters of his generation. A multi-award winning broadcaster Paxman has worked as a radio and television presenter for more than twenty five years and has become one of the most respected political pundits in the industry.

A current affairs reporter Jeremy Paxman is best known for his long term role as the lead host of BBC 2’s flagship news programme Newsnight, which he anchored from 1989 until 2014. As a TV presenter he is known for his direct and probing interviews of politicians and economists as well as his own impressive intellect and self-confidence. Such traits are evidenced in his work as a conference host and after dinner speaker, whilst the stories he has to share of his time as a broadcaster, his interactions with some of the most powerful people in the world and insights into the lies and ineptitudes of politicians are not only entertaining but often shocking and informative.

Beginning his career as a radio and television presenter after graduating with a Master’s Degree from Cambridge University in 1972 on local BBC Radio Brighton. Since then Paxman has gone on to act as both an on location reporter and a leading anchor for the BBC and has covered some of the biggest national and international events of the last forty years. As well as working as a reporter Jeremy Paxman is also frequently called upon to act as an after dinner speaker or event host for current affairs events, political debates and public conferences.

Paxman, who is known for his often controversial interrogation of political figures has also acted as a TV presenter in a more informal environment. Beginning with the show’s re-launch in 1994 Jeremy Paxman has acted as the host of the BBC’s intellectual quiz show, University Challenge, where the nation’s brightest students compete against one another on a variety of subjects.

During his career as a current affairs reporter and TV presenter Paxman has broadcast from around the globe, breaking news from Northern Ireland during the troubles and travelling the world as part of his five year stint as a Panorama investigator and presenter.

Outside his work as a radio and television presenter Jeremy Paxman is also an acclaimed writer and author, he has contributed widely as a journalist, writing columns for numerous British and international newspapers. As well as this Paxman has published several non-fiction books including Through the Volcanoes: A Central American Journey (1985), Friends in High Places: Who Runs Britain? (1991), The English: A Portrait of a People (1999) and Empire: What Ruling the World did to the British (2011).

Brilliantly insightful, hard hitting and direct Jeremy Paxman is one of Britain’s most well-respected and revered broadcasters, his work as a journalist and writer has garnered innumerable awards whilst his time as a TV presenter has gained him international notoriety.

Refusing to be labelled as entirely serious Jeremy Paxman has also revealed his lighter side to the British public, his appearance on Channel 4’s Alternative Election Coverage during the 2015 General Election was fuelled by comedy and a banter with his co-host David Mitchell whilst his 2014 one man show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, PAXO, was a huge critical success.

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