Elliott Harris

Former United Nations Chief Economist & Distinguished Macroeconomic Expert

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Growth, Globalization, and Geopolitics: How Effective Can National Economic Policy Be? As a leading expert on the global economy and sustainable development and the former chief economist for the United Nations, Elliott Harris has advised government officials and business leaders at the highest levels on macroeconomic processes, policies, and development, as well as the impact on their organizations. In this talk, Harris discusses trade as the engine for economic growth and whether the current framework for global trade can continue indefinitely, explains the shortcomings of current approaches to trade as a source of growth, touches on the role of digitalization today and in the economic future, points to some of the geopolitical factors that influence market outcomes, and ties all of these insights together to offer valuable insights for how organizations can adapt their strategies, operations, and advocacy to the changing world around them.

Climate Change and Sustainability: How Nature and Business Can Profit Together. What is the value of nature as it relates to economic growth? As former UN chief economist Elliott Harris shares, measuring the value of nature is just as important in assessing progress as measuring the economic value of the  goods and services produced — if not more important. The effects of climate change extend far beyond the environment and have social and economic implications with the potential to shake up society in adverse ways if left unresolved. The same is true of biodiversity loss. In this talk, Harris examines the risks that environmentally negligent practices pose to the world and analyzes the limits that climate change sets on economic growth and social development. In addition to the risks, Harris points out the many important ways in which organizations can benefit directly and indirectly should they account for nature and sustainability in their business strategies, and offers a framework by which companies can identify how they can operate in a way that ensures that nature profits — and so do their businesses.

Beyond GDP: A New Paradigm for Governments and Private Enterprise. Global economics expert Elliott Harris leads a compelling session that will spur audiences to rethink the pros and cons of using the gross domestic product as the measure of economic value and progress, and its impact on their businesses and society. Previously the United Nations’ chief economist, Harris offers a wide-ranging overview of GDP and its role as an economic metric, outlines its weaknesses and limitations, highlights its impact on policy, and illustrates why we must measure beyond GDP to get the most accurate read on current economic performance and how governments and organizations can plan for future growth and prosperity. Harris pays special attention to how environmental, social, and governance principles will intersect with more nuanced measurements of economic activity, and provides guidance for how organizations can integrate these aspects into their strategic business planning while contributing to sustainable development — both domestically and globally.

  • 2018 - Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development/Chief Economist, UN
  • 2015 - Head of UNEP New York Office/ Head of EMG Secretariat, UN
  • 2013 - Director, New York Office/Head EMG Secretariat, UN
  • 2010 - Assistant Director Strategy, Policy and Review Department, IMF
  • 2008 - IMF Special Representative to the UN and Asst. Director, Strategy and Policy Review Department, IMF
  • 2006 - Chief, Development Issues Division, IMF