101 Of The Best Motivational Speakers

Thinking about booking a speaker for your next event? Read the stories of one-hundred and one of the very best motivational speakers who capture the imagination of all in attendance at conferences and corporate events. Discover an abundance of inspirational stories and personalities whose extraordinary feats have driven teams to peak performance, uncovered game-changing innovations and influenced the lives of so many. If you are interested in booking any of the below speakers, simply get in touch with a member of our team.

1. Charles Van Commenee

 Charles_Van Comennee main

Charles Van Commenee is the former head coach of Team GB. Well known for his game-changing motivational techniques that have inspired and motivated countless athletes, he knows better than most how to drive peak performance. His incredible journey shows his potential to inspire teams to progression whether in athletics or in business. Charles is focused on coming first no matter what and has earned the nickname ‘The Volcano’ for his animated approach to coaching.  A motivational speech from him will demonstrate raw passion as well as a meticulous skill set that has made him one of the most renowned performance experts in the world.

 2. Andy Wyatt

 Andy Wyatt

Andy Wyatt is a Red Arrows pilot who joined the RAF at the young age of 18. Selected above his peers, he flew the iconic English Electric Lighting. During his time with the RAF his primary mission was to intercept Russian aircraft’s during the Cold War. Andy makes our list simply for his sheer commitment and natural talent. These days you might see him soaring in the air along with his dedicated team of Red Arrow pilots, where he has had over 300 performances.

3. Dee Caffari


Dee Caffari is an incredibly talented yachtswoman who has sailed around the world three times without stopping to enjoy the sights. She has now sailed around the world a total of ten times! For anyone considering a motivational speaker, there is nothing greater than someone able to display the perseverance required to battle the open ocean alone.

4. Alastair Humphreys


Alastair Humphreys has travelled the world on a bike cycling 46,000 miles through a total of 60 countries and five continents. No matter how tough or challenging the situation Alastair always managed to push through the pain and carry on. His efforts were even been described by the legendary Sir Ranulph Fiennes as ‘the first great adventure of the new millennium.’

5. Annabelle Bond


Annabelle Bond is a female adventurer; she reached the summit of Mount Everest on may the 15th 2004. This achievement made her the 4th female to ever to stand on the summit. Since then Annabelle made an incredible achievement of reaching the highest peaks on every continent in just 360 days.

6. Ben Collins


The Stig or Ben Collins to those who follow him closely, has had an incredibly successful career as a stunt driver. Racing is a discipline that requires the desire to succeed even when the odds aren’t in your favour, put simply, the faster you go the riskier each choice becomes. Ben Collins is known for his ability to look through the situation and analyse the risks and rewards.

7. Christer Holloman


Christer Hollomon is an inspirational business innovator and entrepreneur with over 15 year’s experience of building, selling and advising B2B/B2C companies in both Europe and North America. Christer’s style as a motivational keynote speaker is one of a kind with knowledge of big business like no other. With an infectious attitude and hands on advice to offer – he makes for a phenomenal choice.

8. Chris Moon


Chris Moon MBE is a former army officer, who went on to work for the Hazardous Life-Support Organisation (HALO). His role within the unit was to supervise the terribly dangerous task of mine clearance in Cambodia, and he has worked in some of the most dangerous environments in the world.

9. Colonel Tim Collins OBE


Colonel Tim Collins OBE delivered the infamous speech to British troops of the 1st Royal Irish Battle Group on the eve of battle in March 2003. With a copy of the speech now hanging in the Oval Office of the White House, the notoriety and strength of this speech is shown by its prominence around the world. Collins’ words made him an overnight hero with world leaders and infantrymen globally.

10. David Festenstein


David Festenstein was a victim of a stroke which left him paralysed on all of his right side. However, this didn’t stop him from progressing with his life and fighting the stroke. David is an extraordinary person who has inspired thousands to continue their lives by creating the “7 Steps to Recovery Model”. David is a top motivational speaker whose presentations will motivate any team, whether they can relate to his personal journey or not.

11. Graham Duff


Graham Duff is a remarkable RAF pilot who completed display pilot tours with the Red Arrows along with deployment in Afghanistan and ground combat with the UK Special Forces. His post-military work as a commodities broker and an entrepreneur make him an authority on the parallels between the battlefield and the boardroom. His vast life experience makes him the ideal after dinner speaker, whilst his eloquence and charm makes him the perfect conference host.

12. Hannah Mckeand


Hannah Mickeand is the fastest ever person in the world to travel to the south pole solo. She pulled a sledge that weighed an excessive 100 KG for nearly 700 miles! Starting her journey on the antarctic coast and reaching the South Pole within forty days it was one experience that few would endure. No matter the challenge Hannah has shown she has the mental resilience to overcome it.

13) Jayne Storey


Jayne Storey is a world-renowned motivational keynote speaker as well as a Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Meditation expert. With over a decade of experience, Jayne devotes her time to coaching peak performance athletes to keep a focused mind to enable a greater confidence in their ability, attributes that she can also deliver to business-people alike.

14. John Amaechi

john amaechiMain

John Amaechi is an NBA star! He was a hugely successful sportsman who understands what is needed to perform at the optimum level, this is what makes allows him to offer a vital contribution to all speaking events. John has had many experiences he can ultimately share to help optimise others progress through their sport.

15. Bonita Norris

Bonita Norris

Having scaled the highest heights across all seven continents and stood on top of the world, upon the summit of Mt Everest, Bonita Norris is one of the UK’s leading adventurers. She has spoken at hundreds of events over her 5 years as a speaker and has been touted on numerous occasions as the most inspirational speaker event organisers have ever come across. Bonita has led expeditions around the words largest and most dangerous mountains and has thousands of hours of mountain-climbing under her belt.

16. Jack Sutcliffe

 Jack Sutcliffe Main

With a history of undertaking some of the hardest physical challenges on earth, Jack Sutcliffe has climbed a multitude of peaks in the Alps, cycled from Lands End to John O Groats and swam the English Channel alongside his siblings. However, when Sutcliffe decided to climb Mount Everest via the fearsome Northern Ridge, Jack would join an elite club of mountaineers to make it to the summit, as well as only the second Briton to do so. Jack’s amazing accomplishments make him one of the best motivational speakers on the after dinner speaker circuit. Jack loves to share his experiences with others and enjoys motivating other to achieve their goals no matter how far away they seem.

17. Jez Rose


Jez Rose is one of the best motivational speakers available today. He is renowned internationally for his work as a behavioural insight advisor, and his studies on the impact of nature on human health, wellbeing and behaviour has proved instrumental in shaping today’s business culture. Jez has a wide range of talents and also is a best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur and popular media personality, having featured on the likes of Countryfile.

18. Jim Lawless


Jim Lawless is one of the world’s leading keynote speakers. Over half a million people on five continents have been entertained and inspired by Jim’s presentations and many more by his bestselling book “Taming Tigers” (Random House). Jim has designed programmes with major companies such as Apple, Barclaycard and BT which has all been extremely successful. Jim would be an ideal business motivational speaker.

19. Justine Hardy


A political commentator and journalist for twenty-four years, Justine Hardy has spent much of her time covering South Asia. She has had extensive experience of global cultures. Justine’s time spent frontline reporting, in militant training camps and amongst religious extremists makes Justine’s thoughts on modern global affairs and international politics invaluable. A wonderful motivational speaker, Justine has addressed audiences across the world. Justine inspires and supports others with her soft but effective words making her an amazing all-round speaker.

20. Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry VC


Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry VC, of 1st Battalion, Princess of Wales Royal Regiment inspirational story of selflessness, bravery and rehabilitation makes him a sought after and highly respected public personality and motivational speaker. Johnson was involved in a crossfire with rocket-propelled grenades being aimed at his vehicle. All of his crew was injured and the visibility to drive the vehicle was obstructed so he opened his hatch exposing himself too small arms fire but persisting to carry on. Just over two months since the first ambush Johnson was ambushed again when another rocket-propelled grenade hit his warrior vehicle which caused serious shrapnel injuries to his face and brain which lead to brain surgery. All of these experiences make Johnson an extremely inspirational speaker.

21. Marisa Peer

marisa peer

Marisa Peer is a renowned life coach, therapist and motivational speaker. Her wide expertise help rock stars, Olympians, rock stars and leading CEO’s overcome relationship problems, childhood trauma, phobias and addiction. During Marisa’s speaking presentations she has the ability to connect with each of her listeners on an individual basis. Marisa is the perfect motivational speaker if you want to connect with people on a personal level.

 22. Pete Cohen


Pete Cohen has the personality and skills to change people’s lives, Pete Cohen draws on his talents as a business consultant, life strategist and best-selling author in order to be one of the most desirable motivational speakers in personal development. Pete’s infectious personality and enthusiasm has also established him as a household name in publishing and broadcasting.

 23. Pete Goss

Pete Goss

Pete Goss has lived his life with four guiding forces driving him onwards: innovation, technology challenge and adventure. The former Royal Marine, best-selling author, motivational speaker and pioneering adventurer has accomplished some incredible feats during his life, competing in seven transatlantic races and two round-the-world races and sailing over 300,000 nautical miles along the way.

24. Pete Wolstencroft & Derek Spence

pete and derek main

Pete “the Writer” Wolstencroft and Derek “the Fighter” Spence are a pair of motivational speakers who use their combined experience to deliver interesting and unusual talks about personal development and team motivation at corporate functions, specialist publishing and travel seminars and business events. Pete Wolstencroft and Derek Spence are perfect for influencing people to progress and fight for the things you want most and achieve your goals.

25. Richard Parks


Richard Parks is the first explorer to have ever reached the summit of the highest peaks in every continent. As well as this being an incredible achievement Richard is also an ex professional rugby player who had incredible talent. Richard is the perfect speaker for a sporting based event.

26. Sebastian Foucan

sebastian foucan

The founder and creator of Freerunning, Sebastien Foucan is widely known for his role in Casino Royale, where he performed amazing and exhilarating stunts in a bid to escape James Bond through the streets of Morocco. The story and philosophy behind Foucan’s establishment of Free-running convey important messages that span both business and social environments, recently making him one of the most sought after motivational speakers on the after dinner speaker circuit.

27. Simon Weston CBE


In 1982 the Sir Galahad was destroyed in Bluff Cove on the Falkland Islands. On board was Simon Weston, Welsh Guardsman, a name and face that was going to become well known for his struggle to overcome his injuries (46% burns) and redefine his role in life. Simon’s message is one of achievement, of triumph over adversity, of seizing the moment and succeeding, whilst his aim is to impose these core beliefs onto everyone he presents to as a motivational speaker.

28. Jonathan Gabay


Jonathan Gabay often talks as a keynote speaker. He is extremely talented at reaching out as a speaker to those who need to be motivated to improve in a marketing and public relations environment. Jonathan is not shy to talk in front of large crowds with his personal experiences and achievements in public relations and marketing offering a fresh and effective insight to companies around the world.

29. Glenn Catley

Glenn Catley

Glenn Catley is a British sportsman and boxing speaker who previously held the World Championship Title for Super Middleweight boxing and works the after dinner speaker circuit. Though only running a short career as a professional boxer Glenn Catley, also known as the “Catman” remains a popular personality. The rise and fall of his boxing campaign and sporting career providing him with a number of interesting and inspiring stories to share with audiences privileged enough to encounter him as a sports speaker.

30. Matthew Hoggard MBE


Matthew Hoggard MBE is regarded as one of the most successful cricketers to have played for England, having been part of the inspired 2005 Ashes-winning side. Retiring in 2013, Hoggard was the captain of Leicestershire CCC from the 2010 season onwards, coming from his boyhood county Yorkshire. Achieving 93 England caps throughout his career, he was awarded the ‘Wisden Cricketer of the Year’ in 2006. A wonderful motivational sports speaker, Matthew’s delivery of speeches is full of enthusiasm and passion for competition and peak performance, ensuring he is in constant demand as a guest personality.

31. Phil Tufnell


Former England cricketer and TV presenter, Phil Tufnell is now affectionately known as one of the captains on BBC’s A Question of Sport. Recognised during his cricketing days as an orthodox spin bowler, Tufnell competed for Middlesex for 16 years until 2003 when he announced his retirement. A prolific wicket-taker, “Tuffers” took over 1000 first-class wickets; a creative cricketer, Tufnell transferred that skill set into becoming a TV presenter, and again into being an accomplished sports speaker and motivational speaker.

32. Sir Garfield Sobers


Sir Garfield Sobers is known as one of the best all-round cricketers to have ever lived. He has played 383 first-class matches and scored an incredible 28,000 runs while smashing over 1000 wickets. This makes Garfield a top motivational speaker to have at your event.

33. Alan Hansen

Alan Hansen

Alan Hansen is a legendary Liverpool footballer. He had a distinct style of defending that allowed the Liverpool team to thrive within British and European football between the 1970s-1980s. Alan is a fantastic football speaker and motivator who has a personality to match.

34. John Hartson

 John Hartson

One of the most prolific Welsh footballers of recent times, John Hartson has enjoyed a truly impressive playing and punditry career. A sports speaker who has made 400 appearances and scored over 160 goals throughout a career which spanned 15 years, Hartson enjoyed the bulk of his success whilst playing for Scottish giants Celtic. Now retired from playing duties, Hartson has forged an impressive occupation as a motivational speaker appearing as an after-dinner speaker alongside his current media duties.

35. Neil Ruddock

 Neil Ruddock

Neil Ruddock is known as Razor Ruddock due to his flamboyant carrier playing for multiple clubs in lots of different countries. He is a brilliant motivator who can encourage people to progress. Some examples of popular clubs he played for are Tottenham, Southampton and Liverpool.  Neil is ideal for motivational seminars due to his illustrious history in the game.

36. Stuart Pearce

 Stuart Pearce

Ex-International footballer turned coach Stuart Pearce has forged a successful career for himself after his playing days came to an end. Most notably managing the Team GB football side at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Pearce was the manager of the England U21s for 6 years, as well as taking the reins at former clubs Nottingham Forest and Manchester City. An impressive playing résumé combined with his managerial successes has propelled Pearce into the world of event attending as an after dinner sports speaker, offering specialist insights as a football speaker and also giving motivational speeches to inspire others to strive for the dream and goals.

37. Alex Scott

alex scott

Alex Scott has enjoyed a remarkable career in football. Having won the double with Arsenal Women’s, she followed this up by becoming a key component of a quadruple winning team in the 2006/07 season. She has been capped 140 times by England, making her the second most capped player in England’s history. In addition to her career in football, Alex has become a sought-after football speaker, appearing at high-profile footballing events in men and women’s football, becoming one of the foremost female pundits in the game.

38. Colin Montgomerie OBE

 Colin Montgomerie

One of the most recognisable faces of modern golf, Colin ‘Monty’ Montgomerie OBE enjoyed his place amongst the highest ranks of the sport for nearly 400 weeks. In his prime, Colin was considered to be one of the finest drivers of his game, as well as an unbelievably accurate iron player. Monty achieved over 40 career wins on tour and continues to impress on the Champions Tour, playing the full schedule and continuing to achieve success and finish well in each competition. As a golf speaker and after dinner speaker, Colin tackles issues such as dealing with pressure and maintaining peak performance throughout the whole year, a skill essential to ranking well in professional golf.

39. Gary Wolstenholme MBE


Gary Wolstenholme MBE is not like your average golfer he became professional at the age of 47 which doesn’t follow the normal path of a world-class golfer. Gary won the EuroPro tour events at the age of 49. Gary won the Casa Serena Open in only his second appearance on the senior tour. Gary is a perfect motivational speaker as he has defied all odds and achieved his dream by staying committed.

40. Tony Jacklin CBE

Tony Jacklin

Tony is a golfing legend and a motivational speaker. Tony Jacklin is known for winning the Ryder Cup three times!! This shows his knowledge, commitment and passion for the sport. If this isn’t enough Tony has won two majors, the US open and the Open Championship whilst breaking multiple records. Tony would be an enthusiastic motivator with a desire to succeed.

41. Lanfranco Dettori

Lanfranco Dettori

Lanfranco Dettori is considered to be one of sports’ most eccentric, charismatic and funny personalities. Renowned for his joyous leaps from the saddle, refreshing humour and dapper dress sense, Frankie is a loved television personality and a household name. As a horse racing speaker, Frankie has the ability to motivate and inspires others. Frankie’s humorous and anecdotal style captivates audiences whilst instilling the mindset that has allowed Frankie to achieve peak performance and maximise his success.

42. Richard Dunwoody MBE


Richard Dunwoody MBE is the most successful jockey ever to have competed in National Hunt Racing history. Richard has rode over an impressive 1,699 winners and becoming a champion jockey three times. Richard is the perfect speaker and motivational speaker for a sporting event as he has the history but also the personality that makes anyone feel compatible in his presence.

43. Damon Hill DamonHillMain

Damon Hill is a Formula One legend who won the World Championship in 1996. Damon is the only person in the world to win the same championship his father did. Damon is a brilliant socialist who can provide an insight into what it’s like to live the Formula One lifestyle. These key parts of Damon’s life make him a top motivational speaker.

44. Mark Gallagher Mark Gallagher

With almost 30 years’ experience of the Formula One industry, Mark Gallagher is one of the most knowledgeable and accomplished motorsport speakers. Best known for his role on the senior management team of Jordan Grand Prix, once described by Murray Walker as ‘the most motivated team in Formula One’, Mark made things happen in the team with decisive leadership and promotion of teamwork.  All of these factors make Mark a brilliant motivator who can be booked for all styles of seminar.

45. Amy Williams MBE Amy_WilliamsMain

Amy Williams was the first ever solo Winter Olympic Champion for 30 years for team GB. Amy then became the first female individual gold medallist in 58 years to win the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. Amy has a lovely personality which makes you feel at ease in her presence however she is a brilliant motivational speaker as she can teach you how to focus and improve so you can reach your true potential.

46. Daley Thompson CBE

Daley Thompson

Daley Thompson CBE holds an unbelievable record; no one else in the world holds more Decathlon titles than he does. In 1983, Daley held the European, World and Commonwealth titles all at the same time. As one of the most prominent and influential Olympic speakers on the after-dinner circuit, Thompson is available for motivational speeches as well as question and answer sessions about the life a world-class athlete leads.

47. David Weir CBE david weir

David Weir is an incredible Paralympic champion and marathon victor. David has won 6 Paralympic Gold Medals and four in the London Games. David is a brilliant motivational speaker who provides a brilliant insight into his life and how to succeed in difficult situations.

48. Fatima Whitbread MBE

fatima whitbread

Fatima Whitbread is a two-time Olympic medal holder and a former world record holder for the longest javelin throw with a distance of 77.4 meters. Fatima has put time and effort into becoming an inspirational talker for after meal events or inspirational seminars of which she is all perfectly placed for with her Olympic history.

49. Karen Darke

Karen Darke

Karen Darke was a London 2012 Paralympian who was inspired to focus on competing after a tragic climbing accident. Karen has a lot to offer as an Olympic speaker, from how she persevered through the hard times to how she competed throughout the day.

50. Kriss Akabusi MBE kriss akabusi

Kriss Akabusi is a talented former Olympic athlete who is also an enthusiastic speaker who is ideal for motivational speeches. Kriss has Gold Medals from both solo attempts and also on a team basis, this shows his incredible skill and commitment for her sport. Kriss is best known for his Gold Medal in the Hurdles event in the 1990 European Championships with an incredible time of 47.92 seconds in 400 meters.

51. Lance Corporal Derek Derenalagi


Native Fijian Lance Corporal Derek Derenalagi joined the British Army in 1999. After serving tours of duty in both Northern Ireland and Iraq, it was in July 2007, whilst on tour of duty in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, when his Land Rover vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device (IED). A wonderful Olympic speaker, Derek has overcome the adversity of injury to become a formidable athletics figure on a world stage. Derek is an inspiration to many and his incredible stories inspire others to achieve their goals.

52. Mark Colbourne MBE

mark colbourne

Mark Colbourne is an extremely talented Paralympic Gold Medallist, he achieved this medal as a Paracyclist and competed in the 2012 GB games. Mark had paralysis from the waist down as he had a tragic paragliding accident in May 2009. Mark is an incredible motivational speaker who discusses his story and how he persevered to achieve a gold medal.

53. Mark Foster

mark foster

Mark Foster is a legendary swimmer who specialised in short course swimming. Mark became the fastest swimmer in the country at the young age of only 15. Mark had an extremely rewarding career where he placed highly in multiple events and also and won a Bronze Medal at the Commonwealth Games. Mark has had an incredible career which he loves to share as a speaker he is available for after dinner events.

54. Sir Ben Ainslie CBE ben ainslie

The most successful sailor of all time, Sir Ben Ainslie CBE is an Olympic legend. Four consecutive Olympic Gold medals, 11 World Championships and nine European Championships have cemented Ainslie as one of Britain’s best sportsmen of this generation. A keenly sought after Olympic speaker who is an exceptional addition to any event, Ben Ainslie is a gentleman of the sea who is certain to add a new dimension to any event, occasion or conference he attends as an after-dinner speaker.

55. Sir Chris Hoy MBE sir chris hoy

Our country’s greatest ever Olympian, Sir Chris Hoy is the best cyclist that Great Britain has ever produced. An exceptional Olympian and inspirational role model to all, his exploits across multiple Olympic Games has seen him become one of the best motivational speakers in the UK due to his inspiring stories and experience.

56. Sir Steve Redgrave CBE


Sir Steve Redgrave CBE is one of the most successful Olympians of all time. He has five individual gold medals for rowing. Steve is an incredible athlete who has an incredible history with the sport. Steve is a brilliant and iconic British motivational speaker who has the experience to share with the audience on a vast scale.

57. Steve Backley OBE

steve backley

Steve Backley OBE has had an illustrious career. After seven gold medals, three world records, two Olympic silver medals and one bronze, Steve retired at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, whilst still placing fourth and showing the world his long lasting ability. Steve has the ability to inspire many people as a motivational speaker and can attend after dinner events, starring in Q&As, meet and greets too.

58. Steve Cram MBE

steve cram

Former World and European Champion Steve Cram MBE is a stalwart of the BBCs Sports Coverage, as well as being an articulate Olympic Speaker and after dinner speaker. A dominant force within middle distance running throughout the 1980s, an era which also experienced the success of Lord Coe and Steve Ovett, Steve Cram forged his own reputation as a formidable athlete, claiming silver in the 1500 meter event at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

59. Ben Cohen MBE

Ben Cohen MBE

Ben is an inspirational rugby World Cup winner. He is a former rugby player however he now spends the majority of his time as an inspirational speaker and as an activist. Ben is. Brilliant athlete to hire for an inspirational speech as he has experienced the hard work and commitment it takes to achieve a Gold Medal.

60. Derek Jelley derek jelley

A true sporting star and Leicester Tiger’s legend, Derek Jelley was born in Nuneaton and educated at Heathfield High School, Earl Shilton. Prior to joining the Tigers in 1993, Derek played for Market Bosworth Rugby Club before joining the professional ranks. His debut match for Tigers in 1993 saw him break his collarbone after just 16 minutes of play. This injury did little to halt his career and he went on to make 141 appearances for Tigers as a prop. Derek held the record for the 1999 season for 35 appearances, a remarkable achievement considering he was competing for the loosehead position with Graham Rowntree. Derek is ideal for travelling to schools and colleges to give motivational speeches and advice on how to make ambitions a reality.

61. Graham Price MBE graham price

Graham Price Is an ex-Wales rugby union icon who is also known as a well-respected sports speaker. He has won 41 caps for Wales during his professional career. Graham is a brilliant option for a motivational seminar as he has a brilliant history within the sport and has travelled through tough and competitive times which resulted in success.

62. Mark Regan MBE


Mark Regan is a motivational rugby speaker who is an iconic and renowned rugby star. Mark played as a hooker and his hard working style allowed him to be the first player to make an England debut against South Africa in 1995. Mark has many achievements throughout his rewarding career. This is why Mark is a brilliant option for a motivational seminar or after dinner event.

63. Neil Back MBE neil back

A legend of the game, Neil Back MBE has played a fundamental role in some of the most momentous games of the modern era. A 2003 Rugby World Cup winner, Neil was a key figure in the successful campaign, scoring two tries and finishing his international career with the greatest accolade in rugby to his name. A wonderful rugby speaker, Neil has a host of anecdotal tales he can deliver during talks, giving audience members an insight into what it was like to be the best in the world while motivating them to succeed.

64. Will Carling

will carling

Will Carling is one of England’s youngest starting rugby players but also the longest-serving while remaining the most successful captain to date. Will has an incredible rugby history with the Country but also with local teams. Will is now one of the most popular motivational speakers within the rugby union.

65. Monty Halls

Monty Halls

Monty is a brilliant TV presenter and inspirational speaker, He has spent his life travelling around the world experiencing hostile environments. Monty has circumnavigated the globe four times in five years. Monty is a well travelled and experienced person who can offer his inspirational talks to many audiences.

66. Ebony-Jewel Rainford-Brant ebony jewel

History-making cricketer Ebony-Jewel Rainford-Brent is the first black women to represent the England Cricket team. Making her International debut in 2001 aged just 17, Rainford-Brent formally played her domestic cricket for Surrey. The nature of her rise to fame and the interest around her story have helped to make her an accomplished and desirable cricket speaker and after dinner speaker.

67. Gary Christian gary christian

Gary Christian is an experienced motivational speaker however he is also a professional British golfer. Gary has had an incredible amount of success within his career which has given him the ability to help others strive for their goals. Gary also does after meal events and motivational seminars.

68. Heather Fisher

heather fisher

Motivational speaker, Heather Fisher is one of the most impressive and high achieving women in the modern sporting world; an athlete, ambassador and rugby speaker Fisher began her career representing the Great British bobsled team and will long be remembered for her determined performances.

69. Captain Edmund Addington Cpt-Edmund-Addlington-main

Captain Edmund Addington is an injured serviceman who served during the Afghanistan conflicts in 2009. While on duty his vehicle was targeted by a roadside bomb leaving him seriously injured and fighting for his life. After the incident, Edmund had to have twenty operations which slowly allowed him to start rebuilding his life. Edward Addington tells an extraordinary story which not only teaches us how to succeed when faced with adversity, but it is also very heartwarming to the soul.

70. Damien Lewis

Damien Lewis

Teamwork speaker, military historian and best-selling author Damien Lewis has written for a number of British newspapers and produced several documentary films; with a catalogue of presentations as a leadership speaker Damien Lewis is also an esteemed motivational speaker.

71. João P. Bocas Joao Bocas Main

João P.Bocas is a professional digital health entrepreneur and international speaker. He is very talented at helping others by sharing his knowledge and experiences. Joao is a professional motivational speaker who is willing to attend after dinner events or seminars.

72. Rosie Hamilton-Mcginty

Rosie Hamilton McGinty Main

Rosie is a brilliant full time motivational speaker and author. Rosie is an expert in child development with multiple books published. She is a very widely respected motivational speaker and after dinner speaker due to her amazing books and experiences.

73. Carol Walker

Carol Walker Main

Qualifying as a hairdresser aged 18, Carol Walker embarked on a career that would lead to her becoming a leading authority in the field of trichology. After losing a significant amount of her vision in 2012, Carol has overcome the adversity of her disability to lead a fulfilled life and maintain her position as an expert in her canon. An ideal motivational speaker for any event in need of an inspirational character to lecture on achieving success no matter the odds, Carol will engage with guests and ensure they all fell part of her story.

74. John Bird MBE John Bird

John Bird was born into poverty and raised in a difficult environment however that didn’t stop him from making a successful career. John is the founder of The Big Issue which is an incredible achievement. John is a motivational speaker which will share his life experiences with the audience in order to make them strive further.

75. Jamie Edwards Jamie Edwards

Ex-basketball player turned motivational speaker Jamie Edwards is an expert in sports coaching, peak performance and brain training; he has been called upon to help motivate and redesign the coaching, leadership and teamwork styles of some of the biggest international sportsman in the world and has given presentations for some of the world’s most influential companies.

76. Liz Fuller

Liz Fuller Main

Liz Fuller is a professional motivational speaker for is also a major public figure with a brilliant history. Her first career path was to become a stage actor then to move onto becoming a model, after dinner speaker, be crowned Miss Great Britain International, rebrand and reinvigorate the beauty pageant industry as well as working as a TV presenter and guest speaker on a variety of television broadcasts.

77. Ricard Noble OBE Richard Noble

Richard Noble is a former land speed record holder. He held this record between 1983 to 1997. Richard was a man obsessed with speed. Richard comes with excellent and interesting stories. Richard travelled at over 600mph om land in his specially designed and engineered vehicle.

78. Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

Joe elevated to stardom after a near-fatal mountaineering accident whilst traversing the Andes, Joe Simpson’s account of his ordeals has become one of the most inspirational stories on the after-dinner speaker circuit, so much so that his story had been made into a feature-length film and documentary, Touching the Void.

79. Alvin Law

 Alvin Law

Canadian motivational speaker, Alvin Law was born into a truly difficult situation, disabled by his birth mother’s use of the dangerous morning sickness drug Thalidomide many thought the life that lay before Alvin would be one of prejudice, abjection and suffering. However, thanks to personal determination and the caring and nurturing hand of his adoptive parents, Alvin has gone on to become one of the best motivational speakers in the world.

80. Andy Cave

Andy Cave

Andy Cave is a mountaineer and top motivational speaker. Andy started out leaving school at 16 with no education however an extreme passion for exploring and determination to push himself resulted in him becoming one of the most famous extreme sportsmen in the world.

81. Ann Daniels

Ann Daniels

Polar Explorer Ann Daniels is a world record holder and one of Britain’s leading female explorers. She has led many teams to success in the most difficult conditions on earth. In 2002, Ann became the first woman in history to ski to the North and South Poles as part of all women teams.  The North Pole is considered to be the hardest journey of all, with less than 70 expeditions reaching the pole since Peary’s first claim in 1909.

82. Benedict Allen


Benedict Allen is a British born explorer who is a great motivational speaker. Benedict has travelled the world and visited some of the most exotic and remote locales in the world. Benedict works full time as a motivational speaker while hosting charity events.

83. Charlie Pitcher

 Charley Pitcher

Charlie Pitcher is an incredible world-record breaking rower. However, he is also a runner whose experience traversing some of the most extreme climates in the world mark him as a determined and ambitious individual and, as such, an excellent motivational speaker 

84. Chris Boardman MBE

 Chris Boardman

Chris Boardman is a retired British cyclist who now works as an after-dinner speaker and motivator by sharing his life experiences with others. However, this isn’t his only profession as he has opened a famous cycling shop.

85. Dan Howie                 

 dan howie

Oxford Brookes graduate Dan Howie is an extreme sportsman and motivational speaker who has faced some of the toughest challenges on the planet and raced across some of the most dangerous oceans in the world. He is ideal for motivational seminars to show his experiences.

86. Hannah Jenner

Hannah Jenner

Sailor and motivational speaker Hannah Jenner has personal experience with living life at the very extremes, she has raced across oceans and broken records in a race around the world. Also working as a film maker Hannah Jenner is an amazing motivational speaker whose personal insight and passion are both inspiring and infectious, her after dinner speaker presentations enabling others to find the strength and willingness inside themselves to push their own boundaries and overcome their own fears.

87. Ian Parnell

 Ian Parnell

Ian is a pronominal mountaineer and photographer who will put his photos before anything no matter the conditions risking everything for the perfect reward. Ian is renowned after-dinner speaker who can share his achievements.

88. Jason De Carteret  

Jason De Carteret

Jason De Carteret is a successful business owner who is a talented motivational speaker and also an explorer.  He is known for his documentaries and becoming a helicopter pilot. Jason is a very talented person. Jason is a very supportive person who is very involved with the wildlife fund.

89. Paula Reid paula reid

Paula Reid is a very successful women and motivational speaker. She was the third ever woman to successfully ski the south pole which consisted of over 1000km. Paula is able to share personal and challenging experiences with the audience.

90. Felix Baumgartner                


Felix Baumgartner is the highest ever skydiver in the world. He dreamed of skydiving form the highest point possible since he was a child and in 2014 he accomplished this with the sponsorship of Red Bull. Felix is an ideal motivational speaker who can share his extreme story with the audience.

91. Terry Waite

Terry Waite

Terry Waite was seized and taken hostage himself and held in captivity in Beirut for 1760 days, four years of which were in solitary confinement, his spirit and faith was tested to the limit. The experience also gave him lessons in survival that would change his life forever. Terry is a very inspirational man who offers after dinner talks to share his experience.

92. Rob Paternostro

Rob Paternostro 

Rob Paternostro is the most successful Leicester Riders coach in all of history. His skill was recognised in his senior year where he averaged over 25 points a game and scoring an incredible 1000+ points in two seasons.

93. Martine Wright

 martine wright

Martine Wright is a 7/7 survivor who unfortunately lost both legs in the tragic event. However, Martine did not let this hold her back so she decided to become a Paralympian. She now has an incredible 40 caps in sitting volleyball which is an amazing achievement. Martine is available for motivational talks.

94. John Dabrowski

John Dabrowski 

Often most of the finest motivational speakers in the world will have stories to tell, the challenges they overcame, or the adventures that changed their lives. John Dabrowski’s story is quite inspiring, starting when he was at school, often he was criticised and chosen last to be on the basketball team; however, he continued and persisted, training until he was worthy of playing for England in the Commonwealth Games. 

95. George Bullard George Bullard

George Bullard is an incredible world record-breaking explorer and endurance athlete. George has covered over an incredible 2000 miles on foot in the polar regions. He has also guided over 300 people on extraordinary expeditions. George is a top motivational speaker which can share his personal experiences.

96. Frank Dick OBE                     

Frank Dick

Frank Dick is the Scottish chairman of athletes and a former director of coaching for the British Athletes. Frank is the best motivational speaker in his field and can assure the audience a life-changing perspective.

97. Chris Barez-Brown Chris Barez-Brown

One of the inspirational and motivational speakers from the Upping Your Elvis team, Chris Baréz-Brown is known for wanting to “shake things up”.

Chris’s presentations are renowned for being energetic and hard-hitting, with the idea that his audience can be sufficiently motivated to take what they learn back to their workplace and implement his ideas in their daily lives.

98. Justin Osmond

 Jusitn Osmond

Justin is a very inspirational man who was born with a sever sensorial-neutral hearing loss. Justin Osmond was diagnosed at the age of 2, shortly after he finally got to hear for the first precious time. However Justin didn’t let his 2 year disadvantage stop he as he showed the world he could succeed. Justin is a brilliant motivational speaker.

99. Pedro Algorta

 Pedro Algorta

Pedro is a very successful businessman but also an extremely lucky survivor. Pedro Algorta survived the Uruguayan plane crash 40 years ago that unfortunately killed 30 people. Pedro and his colleagues were left stranded for 70 days in the cold snow-capped mountains at 4000m. Pedro tells an incredible story which will make the room silent as a motivational and after dinner speaker.

100. Piers Linney

piers linney

Having made his fortune in cloud-based technology, Piers Linney became one of the country’s best-known entrepreneurs and investors. He has been on the panel of BBC‘s Dragon’s Den and gone undercover on Channel 4‘s Secret Millionaire in recent times, in addition to his pioneering role in British business. His awards cabinet is well-stocked too as he has been awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award at the Black British Business Awards. Offering unique insight into the future of business and the economy, Piers Linney is a sought-after motivational business speaker able to give practical advice to business in areas such as scaling up and embracing technology.

101. Ant Middleton

ant middleton

Star if SAS: Who Dares Wins – few speakers can present such a wide range of experiences in the inspiring and entertaining way that Ant Middleton can. With highly important and secretive roles within the upper echelons of the naval special forces to his name, Ant knows and can expertly discuss the importance of discipline, leadership and teamwork in the context of life and death scenarios. In addition to his exploits in the Special Forces, Ant has worked in personal security, protection high-profile officials, government officials and celebrities. He has also embarked on a series of challenges, including climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Everest. It is perhaps though, his lead role on primetime TV show SAS: Who Dares Wins for which he is best-known.

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