The dynamic between a consumer and business is constantly changing, and the customer has arguably never had more power. With values, sustainability and care all coming into greater focus, consumers are now driving the market more than ever before.

Consumers want more for their money; more attention, personalisation and effort from the brands they transact with. This is influencing their buying behaviour, and understanding how the modern consumer is behaving has subsequently become paramount to the development of any business. 

Knowing what matters and when it matters to a consumer is what helps businesses to design customer-centric strategies, appealing to their needs and desires. To aid these strategies, top consumer behaviour speakers are using years of industry expertise, as well as cutting-edge technology to build the perfect picture of a consumer.

To help you kickstart or develop your consumer behaviour insights, you can get access to the best experts in the field. From advisors to blue-chip companies to challenger bank’s CEOs, supermarket heavyweights to lifelong data scientists, at Champions Speakers we help you find the star quality you need for your conference, corporate event or summit. 

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David Rowan
cate trotter
Cate Trotter
David Birss
Dave Birss
Geoff Ramm
Paul Wearmouth
Paul Wearmouth
Andrew McMillan
Andrew McMillan
Rajat Paharia
Rajat Paharia
dr corrie block
Corrie Block
Using big data and technology, consumer behaviour experts influence marketing efforts, as well as operations to gain insight on how to target consumers. Looking into trends, intention, retention, loyalty and more specialists are able to picture a target consumer no matter the industry.

Depicting people’s habits isn’t easy. Consumer behaviour experts help inform the UK and world's largest organisations on their marketing, sales strategy and overall approach. By partnering with Champions Speakers, we’re able to help you pick the most suitable consumer behaviour speaker for your event.

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