Owen Paterson

Former Secretary Of State For Environment, Food & Rural Affairs & Social Justice Campaigner

Owen Paterson is a British Conservative Party politician who was the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs from 2012 to 2014. He was first elected as the Member of Parliament for North Shropshire at the 1997 general election.

Paterson was appointed to the Shadow Cabinet of David Cameron in 2007 as Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. During the formation of the Coalition Government in 2010, he was appointed to the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, where he remained until being moved to DEFRA in 2012. He has since been more widely known as a leading supporter of Brexit and an outspoken critic of the European Union. In 2014, he established and became the Chairman of UK 2020, a centre-right think tank based in Westminster. In 2016, Paterson became part of Leave Means Leave‘s political advisory board. Paterson was appointed Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in September 2012.

Despite his voting record moderately for laws to stop climate change, he is a climate change sceptic, and has not accepted David MacKay’s offer of a briefing on climate change science. During his time in office, Paterson cut funding for climate change adaptation by approximately 40%. In 2014 the outgoing Environment Agency chair Chris Smith said that flood defence budget cuts had left the agency underfunded and hampered its ability to prevent and respond to flooding in the UK. When asked in a 2013 BBC interview about the alleged failure of a badger cull he had been responsible for, Paterson famously replied that the badgers have moved the goalposts.

Coming as Justine Greening was removed as Transport Secretary, Paterson’s appointment was widely considered to be part of a move back towards the expansion of Heathrow Airport, given his support for aviation. Paterson stated on BBC Radio 4‘s Any Questions? in June 2013 that “the temperature has not changed in the last 17 years …”

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When at corporate events, Owen is known to cover the following topics:

  • Social Justice
  • British Politics
  • Brexit & The EU
  • Conservatives

See what people had to say about Owen at corporate events, here:

“Owen was a worthy addition to both panels he spoke on, whilst he was the sole right-wing voice on both he was a great sport and brought debate and unique insight on topics he spoke on. We plan to run this conference annually as well as other events throughout the year and would be keen to work with Owen again in the future.” – Flora, MN2S