Alistair Darling


Alistair Darling is a former Chancellor of the Exchequer who was born in London during 1953. Alistair graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 1976 to become a solicitor however in 1984 he was selected to be part of the Faculty of Advocates. Darling was elected as the councillor of Lothian Regional Council in 1982. This opportunity gave him the ability to become the Chairman of the Transport Committee for a year. Darling became a member of Parliament for Edinburgh Central and consisted to maintain this position until it was dismantled in 205. This didn’t stop Alistair, as he is now a Member of Parliament for Edinburgh South West.

Alistair became the Chief Secretary to the treasury when Tony Blair eventually defeated the conservatives. The following year Alistair became the Sectary of State for Social Security as he replaced Harriet Harman. Darling maintained this position until 2001 as he then became Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. The following year he then became Secretary of State for Transport which he held for three years.

After many hard years of climbing up the government Darling was elected as a member of parliament for Edinburgh South West once again in 2005 following that he became Secretary for Trade and Industry. In 2010 Alistair Darling was nominated as a Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer which he continues to be today alongside maintaining his position as a member of parliament for Edinburgh South West.

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Excellent, very personable with great anecdotes – Ashurst