Here at Champions Speakers, we have a wide range of specialist sales and marketing speakers available to book for corporate events, seminars and conferences. Mastering the art of selling is no easy feat, yet the highly successful sales speakers on our books have done just that and are now willing to let you in on some of their trade secrets.

Offering leading sales training, guidance, tips and tricks, our sales and marketing speakers could be just what you need to get your sales team firing on all cylinders and performing to the maximum level day in, day out. Another key area of business is how you market what you do or sell and our marketing speakers have extensive experience in this field.

Able to discuss the ‘ins and outs’ of the branding and digital arena as well as the future of marketing, speakers in this area are a wonderful addition to events.

To get a free quotation for your event, contact us by filling in our online contact form or by calling a member of the booking team directly on 0207 1010 553.



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Michael Dublin
Stephen Mai
Stephen Mai
charlotte han
Charlotte Han
jules white
Jules White
roger saul
Roger Saul
tony anderson
Tony Anderson
Daryl Fielding
Tony Morris
Tony Morris
Developing great marketing strategies can be the difference between a hugely successful business and one that falls into the shadows - booking a speaker in this field can help identify ideas, highlight the right audience and then sell all that you have to offer.

With our sales and marketing speakers, you and your audience will benefit from tried and tested experience, highlighting ideas that have worked and those that perhaps didn't achieve the end goal. From general sales training to marginal gains, our range of experts is second to none.

Please feel free to contact a Champions Speakers booking agent if you need any help when selecting the right speaker for your event.
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