The financial climate and what the future holds are two of the most frequently discussed topics on news programmes and current affairs shows today, so if you are looking for a speaker to discuss these topics in detail at your next event or function, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Champions Speakers, we have a fantastic choice of finance speakers who will talk on topics including the impact of Brexit, the global financial climate and many more, as well as futurist speakers who will discuss what lies ahead for us based on technological advancements, financial forecasts, financial technology and business predictions.

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Digby Jones
Digby Jones
pippa malmgren
Dr Pippa Malmgren
christian de boissieu
Christian De Boissieu
dave fishwick
Dave Fishwick
bob woods
Bob Woods
michel camdessus
Michel Camdessus
faisal islam
Faisal Islam
mike harris
Mike Harris
The financial climate has been a hot topic for a number of years since the financial crash and shows no sign of letting up. With the recent developments of Brexit, there is plenty to discuss when it comes to our finances and what is safe to invest in as well as what is best avoided. Our finance speakers discuss of all the latest financial developments across the world.

This then also ties in with our futurism speakers, who will look at the financial prospects alongside many other key features to try and predict how we can move forward and where we will all be in the years to come. Offering fascinating insights, our speakers can bring a wealth of knowledge and an improved understanding of key issues to all manner of events and functions.
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