Aric Dromi

Founder of Tempus Motu Advisory Services, Futurologist for, Former In-House Futurologist for Volvo & Former Head of Technology & Development for Ericsson

How to hire Aric Dromi

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Aric Dromi's official speaking topics are listed below:

  • Globalisation & Digital Geopolitics
  • Ethical Compass: Navigating Emerging & Jolting Technologies
  • Smarter Infrastructure: The Fusion of Physical & Digital Realms
  • Dialogue & Data: The Dual Pathways for Brand Building
  • Regenerative Business Operations in the Digital Age
  • Decoding Business Trends: Steering Leadership in a Digital World
  • Harnessing Transformative Technologies for Business Success
  • 2022 - Co-Founder & Board Member of Rising Strings Academy
  • 2015 - Founder, Futurologist, Strategy & Innovation Advisor of Tempus Motu Advisory Services
  • 2011 - In-House Futurologist for Volvo Cars
  • 2005 - Futurologist, Strategy & Innovation Advisor for 
  • 2004 - CKO of Cellcom
  • 2001 - Program Manager for Microsoft
  • 2000 - Head of Technology & Development for Ericsson
  • 1998 - Head of the IT Department of Ericsson