Aric Dromi

Founder of Tempus Motu Advisory Services, Futurologist for, Former In-House Futurologist for Volvo & Former Head of Technology & Development for Ericsson

Aric Dromi received a 4 star rating across 10 events in 2023

Senior Keynote Speaker & Entertainment Manager

"Aric Dromi, a visionary futurist and progressive philosopher, offers transformative insights as a keynote speaker. His radical ideas and innovative approaches, honed as CEO of Tempus Motu and Volvo's in-house futurologist, inspire audiences worldwide. Aric's unique perspective on technology, societal evolution and creative thinking is invaluable for future-proofing businesses and sparking lasting change."

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Aric Dromi's official speaking topics are listed below:

Decoding & Harnessing Trends, Transformative Technologies:

This theme dives into the dynamic interplay between cutting-edge technologies and evolving business trends. Explore the transformative potential of AI, IoT, VR/AR, blockchain and other jolting technologies in redefining business operations and customer experiences. Understand how to leverage these technologies for strategic advantage, and examine the role of digital leadership in fostering a culture of innovation and agility in the face of digital transformation.

Globalisation & Digital Geopolitics:

Examine the profound impact of digital geopolitics and globalization on the evolution of infrastructure. Discuss how advancements like IoT and data analytics are revolutionizing both urban and rural environments, leading to more sustainable, adaptive and responsive infrastructure. Explore the strategic implications of these changes in a globally interconnected landscape, emphasizing the need for foresight and agility in policy and business strategies.

Resilient & Innovative Business Operations:

Focus on the critical role of technology, particularly AI, in developing resilient and adaptable business models for the digital age. Discuss strategies for businesses to thrive amidst economic uncertainties and technological disruptions. Emphasize the importance of strategic thinking in creating regenerative operations that ensure not only corporate growth but also contribute positively to societal development.

Dialogue & Data - The Dual Pathways for Brand Building:

Unveil the synergistic power of integrating authentic dialogue with robust data analytics for brand evolution. This theme emphasizes the importance of fostering genuine customer engagement and leveraging data-driven insights to tailor brand experiences. Explore strategies for building strong brand loyalty and resonance in a data-rich, customer-centric market.

Ethical Compass in Emerging Technologies - Cybersecurity & Privacy Perspectives:

Explore the ethical landscape of AI and digital technologies, emphasizing cybersecurity and privacy. Stress the importance of ethical frameworks and risk management that prioritize data protection and user privacy. Discuss the balance between innovation and maintaining user trust, highlighting responsible deployment of technology while respecting individual rights and societal values.

  • 2023 - Starred on the Future Hacker Podcast on "Provoking Possibilities Beyond Tomorrow"
  • 2022 - Delivered the TEDx Talk "How to Write a New Story for Bulgaria?"
  • 2022 - Co-Founder & Board Member of Rising Strings Academy
  • 2015 - Founder, Futurologist, Strategy & Innovation Advisor of Tempus Motu Advisory Services
  • 2012 - Delivered the TEDx Talk "Love Your iPhone and the iPhone Will Love You Back"
  • 2011 - In-House Futurologist for Volvo Cars
  • 2005 - Futurologist, Strategy & Innovation Advisor for 
  • 2004 - CKO of Cellcom
  • 2001 - Program Manager for Microsoft
  • 2000 - Head of Technology & Development for Ericsson
  • 1998 - Head of the IT Department of Ericsson