Matthew Whitfield

Royal Navy Fighter Pilot & Jet Display Pilot

Matt Whitfield comes from the high risk, high speed and challenging career of a Royal Navy fighter pilot, and jet display pilot. A life where trust, reliability, drive, humility, high speed and critical decision making and mutual support were essential to achieving success and the consequences of mistakes were life-threatening. As a member of a first-class team of naval pilots, the best of the best, performing under pressure and staying consistently at the top of his game has been part of the everyday life for Matt for over 20 years. As the Navy’s senior jet flying instructor, Matt has enjoyed training, coaching and mentoring other high potentials, been responsible for maintaining standards across many military-wide units and experienced first hand exciting and challenging roles including 6 years of live counter-terrorism operations for the UK Security Service.

Matt speaks candidly about his experiences that have shaped leadership and culture in these high performing organisations, and the direct read across to the organisations he works with now. His has a passionate and deep understanding of the necessity to know your people, (your wingman), and how to be authentic, in knowing yourself is key to high-performance leadership. On leaving the services, Matt has qualified professionally with the International Coaching Federation as an executive and business coach.

He founded his successful company, 7miles a minute Ltd, which helps equip new and established leaders to think, plan, decide and act under pressure and commit to making the critical decisions that will deliver greater performance. These changes in the choices of behaviour have resulted in a high-performance culture and climate in these organisations. As a keynote speaker, Matt brings a unique take on the art of leadership and inspiring all types of teams.

He explains the valid benefits for a psychometric study of leadership behaviour in order to correlate why some are successful, and others need more support. His ongoing work is varied including working with individuals and teams at the Bank of England, speaking at the University College London School of Management and Leadership, and coaching other individual business leaders and schools for a growth mindset. Matt’s skilful approach to speaking is professional and down to earth, using humour, true-life anecdotes and reflections on the personal mistakes, and the triumphs throughout his life. He often criticises himself for being too open and honest, but such is his nature and his want to share these experiences with great charm for the benefit of the client.

To book Matthew Whitfield as the motivational speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When he’s at corporate events, Matt is known to cover the following topics:

  • “Pull the trigger”
  • “You did WHAT?”
  • Crisis point
  • Taking my life in your hands
  • Interrogation and survival behind enemy lines
  • Can you afford to be candid with your team?
  • How do you cope in the face of adversity or failure?
  • Do you understand the growth mindset and your path to performance excellence
  • The day I lost it all
  • Are you able to find Flow? What is Flow?

“Matt has a track record of making a significant impact on other people’s performance. In the military, he used to teach, coach and mentor future fighter pilots helping them to improve their operational and leadership performance. A trained leadership coach, he now leverages his experience in the fast-jetcommunity to help others attain the same high level of performance. His client list is impressive and includes the Bank of England, Coca Cola, and the NHS as well as a range of other senior leaders in the public and private sectors.”
Roderick Yapp Professional Certified Coach developing Leadership for Business Performance in the UK