Mike Jackson

Most High-Profile Army General Since The Second World War

Soldier: The Autobiography of General Sir Mike Jackson

Soldier: The Autobiography of General Sir Mike Jackson

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2003- Appointed Chief of Staff

2000- Appointed to Full General, Commander-in-Chief and Land Commander.

1997- Appointed Commander of NATO’s Allied Rapid Corps during the Kosovo War.

1995- Served his first tour in the Balkans.

1990- Jack was posted to Northern Island for the third time as a Bridge Commander

1984- Assumed Command of the 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment

1979- Assigned as a Company Commander on his second tour.

1972- Present as an Adjutant at the Bloody Sunday during his first tour.

1971- Present as an Adjutant at the Ballymurphy Massacre during his first tour.

1970- Transferred to the Parachute Regiment.

1963- Commissioned into the Intelligence Corps.