Matt Lindley

Former RAF Pilot Who Became One Of The First Openly Gay Pilots In The Armed Forces

How to hire Matt Lindley

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Matt Lindley's official speaking topics are listed below.

  • Management lessons from the flight deck
  • Leadership and behaviour
  • Conflict management
  • Stress fatigue and human performance
  • Communication and assertiveness
  • Decision-making under stress
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Fattening hierarchy
  • Speak up culture
  • Decision making under pressure
  • Stress and performance
  • Human limitations at work
  • Allyship
  • Authentic self
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Mental health
  • Banter in the workplace

Official Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events

Feedback from Virtual Events:

"It was brilliant – he was great, super engaging and people were hanging on his every word, even on Zoom! Have had some great feedback already, so we are really pleased." - Charlotte, Vice President, Operations Control Management, J.P. Morgan

"The delivery by Matt was exceptional, his take on his experiences in the RAF really hit the mark and his humour/story telling was appreciated by so many. From those that I have discussed this with they were extremely impressed with his presentation, there was so much contained within it that it really gave food for thought on how the RAF was then and how it is now. His range was truly amazing from his sexuality, his drive and motivation, mental health and leadership (being able to listen) everyone listening was able to take something from it. Truly remarkable and in all honesty I so glad we could have him deliver for us." - Paul, RAFC Cranwell

Feedback from In-Person Events:

"A very informative presentation - it was highly enjoyable learning about experiences from other industries and how lessons learnt elsewhere can be applied in the legal workplace."

"I really enjoyed it. I was (honestly) quite sceptical about this topic but I found it really helpful."

"Matt is a very engaging speaker who really knows his stuff - he uses diverse case studies across sectors to illustrate his points expertly well. I left the training as if I had really learnt something."

"A refreshing and engaging training session dealing with some of the softer skills which are often overlooked by the industry."

"I cannot recommend Matt highly enough. He talked to the Close Brothers community about his journey and it resonated incredibly well with all colleagues, not just those from the LQBQT community. His candour and honesty really connected with people, and the ties with wider mental wellness and resilience were incredibly topical given the current pandemic. His humour shone through and it was one of the best received external speakers we have had to date. A thorough recommendation..." - Martyn, Atkinson Group, Chief Operating Officer

"I was fortunate enough to listen to Matt speak at a recent LGBT diversity and inclusion event. Matt shared his own journey as a gay man growing up and achieving his dream to be a pilot which took him the macho world of the RAF and how throughout this time he kept his sexuality bottled. He was able to thread into this the impact that sustained stress and stressful events can have on your performance and if left unchecked the catastrophic outcomes that can result. He sincerely described how having to hide one’s sexuality is a significant source of sustained stress in one’s life providing a compelling reason why being inclusive is so essential to avoid this unnecessary situation. It also served as a reminder that each and everyone one of us faces stress and stressful situations everyday whether it be about being LGBT, a difficult family situations, illness the list goes on and reminded me how embracing diversity and being supportive of each other is beneficial to our overall well-being." - Brad, Royal Bank of Canada

"The event went amazingly well - and Matt was brilliant! We have already received great feedback and everyone was pleasantly surprised with how broad his presentation was as well." - Lillie, Convex Insurance

"I wanted to please express my thanks to Matt Lindley for his impactful session with our ND function, at EDF. We’ve had some really positive feedback." - Kim, Inclusion & Wellbeing Lead, EDF Energy

  • 2020 - Boeing 777 Airline Pilot for British Airways
  • 2019 - Partner & Head of Human Performance Factors for Verpora
  • 2018 - Diversity & Leadership Keynote Speaker for TLC Lions
  • 2013 - Healthcare Human Factors Change Management Consultant for Atrainability 
  • 2012 - Director of Propel Performance
  • 2007 - Boeing 747-400 Airline Pilot for British Airways
  • 1999 - RAF VIP Training Captain flying members of the Royal Family and the UK Prime Minister, for the Royal Air Force 
  • 1994 - Japanese Management Consultant for Ford Motor Company