5 Great Marketing Speakers For Your Conference

Your company can produce or stock the greatest product in the world, but without the right marketing, few people would actually know about it, even fewer would actually buy it, and it would ultimately go down as a failure. Marketing is crucial in communicating the benefits of your product and making people aware of it.

Here at the Champions Speakers agency, we can book you a plethora of wonderful marketing speakers that will share their secrets and tips with your company, giving you the tools and knowledge to market your products in the best way.

Jonathan Gabay

Marketing speaker Jonathan Gabay shines a bright new light into the world of marketing, taking a fresh approach and providing insight into how to get the most from a brand. Businesses of all sizes, including blue-chip corporations, can benefit from what this marketing guru can offer, particularly in terms of making an organisation as efficient and effective as possible.

A member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Jonathan Gabay has appeared regularly on high-profile TV shows and published several books, including Soul Traders and The Meaning of Life. For any company that is looking to build trust, recognition and loyalty into their branding, Gabay is invaluable, making him one of the most in-demand marketing conference speakers aroun

Roger Saul

His may not be a widely recognised name outside the world of marketing but Roger Saul has one of the finest brains in the sector. A truly enthralling conference speaker, Saul created the world-famous Mulberry brand when he was only 21 and had just £500 in capital. Clearly a specialist in the marketing of luxury goods, Roger Saul knows how to reach consumers with powerful, attractive messages. Post-Mulberry, this expert in ethical marketing has run an organic farm which sells its goods to Waitrose and many restaurants and shops across the UK. As a speaker, Roger Saul opens the minds of conference delegates with his ability to adapt, invent, create, diversify and develop while keeping a keen eye on the environment and planet Earth.

Rafe Offer

When Rafe Offer walks on stage he may appear unassuming but this incredible speaker has held some of the most prestigious marketing positions in the world. These include being Brand Manager and Director of Global Marketing for Walt Disney – he was directly responsible for taking Disney’s sales from $50m to $800m in just three years. Other key positions that Rafe has held include Group Brand Manager and Global Marketing Director for Coca Cola – during his time there profits went up by $55m.

It is no exaggeration, then, to say that what Rafe Offer doesn’t know about branding and marketing is simply not worth knowing. Businesses can learn so much from this marketing specialist, including how to tap into what customers are looking for and how to deliver what they want. As a marketing consultant to such huge companies as Amazon and Microsoft, Rafe Offer has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share that any conference delegate can benefit from.

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones

For business people who feel they can improve their capabilities in being innovative, creating something that is so different to anything else on the market and yet so incredibly popular, Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones is the ideal marketing speaker. Coming from humble beginnings in Jamaica, Wilfred has defied all the odds and turned himself into a major national and international figure in a range of market sectors.

This inspiring speaker is the genius behind the famous ‘Black Farmer’ brand and he helps people from ethnic minorities to get into farming through his Black Farmer Scholarship. Wilfred’s own marketing agency has handled such huge brand names as Kettle Chips, Lloyd Grossman and Plymouth Gin. Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones has also been a politician – standing for the Chippenham constituency – and a television producer and director for 15 years. During this time he brought various chefs, including Antony Worrall-Thompson and Gordon Ramsay, to the attention of the British viewing public.

Rachel Elnaugh

Any conference can benefit from the marketing speaker Rachel Elnaugh who knows only too well how thin the line can be between success and failure. This self-motivated marketeer began her own business when she was just 24, operating out of her house with minimal capital. In her time running the company she saw its turnover reach more than £100m.

Well-known for her appearance on the popular business investment TV show Dragons’ Den, Rachel has produced a book called Business Nightmares that is a must-read for anyone wanted to go into business. Inspiring and fascinating as a speaker, Rachel Elnaugh is the kind of entrepreneur that can motivate individuals to go that step further, to turn their dreams into reality.

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