Jeremy Schwartz

Founder & CEO of Maxius Advisory ESG, Chairman of Sustainability & Inclusion Transformation for Kantar, Former Pandora & The Body Shop CEO, Former Marketing Director of Coca-Cola & Host of the Saving Tomorrow's Planet Podcast

Jeremy Schwartz received a 5 star rating across 10 events in 2023

Senior Keynote Speaker & Entertainment Manager
"Jeremy Schwartz is a distinguished sustainability and business speaker, whose vast expertise in innovation and management is invaluable. His unique approach seamlessly integrates sustainability with commercial success. Engaging and informative, Jeremy empowers businesses to embrace eco-friendly practices while bolstering profitability, drawing from a rich background with top brands like Coca-Cola and L’Oréal."

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Jeremy Schwartz's official speaking topics are listed below:

Make Your Organisational Purpose Count:

Are you struggling to create a memorable purpose and see it align, inspire and mobilise, your employees into action every day? Purpose is a driver for High-Performance Organisations (HPO). As an expert speaker on Organisational Purpose, get Jeremy to help you become a celebrated company that makes every word of their organisational purpose count every day.

Profit from Sustainability Consultancy:

Do you want to know how your company can take a leadership role, mobilise employees and create new profitable business models to save the planet? Let Jeremy's extensive sustainability experience and expertise help you to innovate, and then migrate, your business models from the existing to the new. 

Innovate To Inspire Consumers:

Do your teams need to spend less time on internal meetings and more outward focus on the consumer? Use Jeremy's Customer Obsession/CX  systems and experience, to help you be inspired to reach out, listen and act on the needs of potential consumers to ignite faster growth, and build your brands. Gain years of advantage regarding Customer Service/CX and Customer Obsession Strategies to build your brand equity.

New Mindsets Makes Culture:

Creating a winning fearless mindset is very achievable because every employee knows exactly what that feels and looks like. Have your eyes opened to the new one-mindset-at-a-time way to nurture a better culture and unleash PURPOSE. Inspire your leadership teams to higher performance, and build internal brand equity with Jeremy's Inspirational leadership talks and proven Customer Service strategies.

Everyone's a Leader Now:

Let's re-brand Middle Managers as Middle Leaders and seek out, listen and empower those employees of any age or level who can step up and contribute. Find out how to mobilise great talent across an organisation and remove the saboteurs spoiling the leader's strategies and plans. Enhance culture and organisational purpose. Jeremy is an inspiring leadership speaker who has created high-performance teams and enhanced customer obsession.

Innovate the Way We Work:

Can you see how people working together from different functions, cultures and beliefs, will create better results faster than if they don't? Find out how to rapidly craft more sustainable structures and embrace new ways of working, to create high-performance workplace cultures that deliver exceptional customer service, and build stronger brands and organisational sustainability.

Official Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events

Feedback from In-Person Events:

"Thanks to Jeremy’s wake-up call we upgraded our merchandising expertise and he gave us the good kick we needed to launch a new range of sustainable packaging – not at the pace Jeremy would expect but he inspired us to get moving." - Craig, Vice President Global Frontline, Wella Professionals

"His ability to communicate the unvarnished truth about a business with charm and insightfulness, accelerated progress around our key decisions by 12 months at least." - Charles, Global CEO, Interbrand

"I thought Jeremy was fantastic and the team were really inspired by his talk and presentation. He brought a lot of energy, points to ponder and tools to use. It was really great" - Paul, MD, HSO

"It went really well with Jeremy, he did a very good job. His session was appreciated as it was crisp, full of real life and experience examples, which made him very authentic, and also the fact that he knew our industry and really did some research on our business made it very impactful." - Cotyinc

"Thank you for your brilliant sustainability presentation which really struck a chord, as you could tell from the lively discussion. You balanced high-level views with practical insights to perfection, and obviously, you did lots of homework in advance." - Christian, Managing Partner, Carnstone

"Jeremy made our clients and my team braver together to create successful new digital campaigns." - Juliet, Founder, Cheetah Digital

"We were very happy with Jeremy Schwartz and he was well received by the team and our CEOs. His messages were on point with the overall content of the conference." - Tapestry

  • 2023 - Keynote Speaker at the Eden Project for Anthropy23
  • 2022 - Founder & CEO of Maxius Advisory ESG
  • 2021 - Non-Executive Director of Revolution Beauty
  • 2021 - Chairman of Sustainability & Inclusion Transformation Practice for Kantar 
  • 2021 - Commercial & Marketing Director of Terra Firma Capital Partners
  • 2020 - Senior Advisor of McKinsey Business Transformation Practice for McKinsey & Company
  • 2018 - Interim CEO of Pandora 
  • 2013 - Chairman and CEO of The Body Shop
  • 2010 - Managing Director L'Oreal UK 
  • 2004 - Founding Trustee Member for The Against Malaria Foundation 
  • 2002 - Director of Brand Marketing at Sainsbury's 
  • 1997 - Director of Innovation & Marketing at the Coca-Cola Company
  • 1992 - Marketing Director of L'Oreal