John Motson OBE


John Motson OBE or Motty as he is also known is one of the most famous football speakers, commentators and sporting TV presenters in BBC history; spending the majority of his more than forty year career at the Beeb, Motty announced his retirement in 2008.

Born in Manchester John Motson OBE began his journalism and broadcasting career as a reporter for Sheffield newspaper the Morning Telegraph, already establishing himself as a passionate and adept football speaker it came as no surprise when he was hired by the BBC as one of their television and radio presenters for BBC Sport; starting off at BBC Radio 2 Motson quickly made the leap to Match of the Day on BBC television.

A surprising match outcome in the FA Cup third round in 1972 gave Motson the first opportunity to truly shine and, after the game moved from a five minute closing segment to the leading broadcast of that day’s Match of the Day Motson proved not only could he be relied upon to act as commentator and TV presenter for an entire match, but that he excelled at it.

In 1977 John Motson OBE was drafted in as a last minute replacement for fellow television and radio presenter David Cole to cover the FA Cup final; so passionate and talented was Motty that the BBC made him their first choice commentator for FA Cup finals for the next forty years.

Throughout his career John Motson has been present at some of the most impressive and memorable matches in televised football history including the tragic Hillsborough Disaster at the FA semi-final in April 1989.

When Premier League football moved to ITV in 2001 Motson found his commitments as a TV presenter much lessened, returning to radio John Motson OBE moved to BBC Radio Five Live where he continued to cover the Premiership. Though the Premiership only remained away from the BBC for three years and Motty resumed his television commentary in 2004, he continues to contribute to BBC radio coverage of various football events.

Despite announcing his retirement when the FA cup moved to Santander Sport he continues to provide the commentary for Match of the Day highlights.

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When at corporate events, John is known to cover the following topics:

  • The Premier League
  • BBC Sport
  • FA Cup
  • International Football
  • Match Of The Day