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Jamil Qureshi
Jamil Qureshi is a highly influential practitioner of performance-enhancing psychology, who has worked with a diverse range of high-profile clients. From Formula 1 to Lloyd’s banking group, Jamil helps teams reach their full potential through his…
By Jack Hayes and Jamil Qureshi - 01/12/2020
Speakers To Kick-Start 2021
It is no secret that 2020 was a challenging year. From business owners to families, everyone felt the financial, emotional and physical pressure of multiple national lockdowns. Though the “new normal” is firmly in sight, the repercussions of COVID-…
By Jack Hayes - 30/11/2020
Event Planning
Wendy Smith
TedX Speaker, personal development mentor and former Paralympic basketball star, Wendy Smith, lives by the ideology: ‘There is no such word as ‘can’t’. Said to ‘spark a fire in others’ as a motivational speaker, Wendy uses her platform to promote…
By Sophie Wheeldon - 27/11/2020
Claire Brumby
Award-winning food entrepreneur and bestselling author, Claire Brumby, founded an international healthy snacking brand after surviving a life-threatening illness. Having suffered a pulmonary embolism, Claire ‘ate herself well’ and in doing so,…
By Sophie Wheeldon - 20/11/2020
Mental Resilience
Separating the best from the rest, mental resilience dictates the strengths and skills needed to thrive under periods of pressure. When faced with an uphill battle, resilient individuals focus on placing one foot in front of another, celebrate their…
By Megan Lupton - 12/11/2020
Ken Segall
Former Creative Director of Apple, Ken Segall, worked closely with Steve Jobs and continues to promote his legacy of simplicity to help businesses reach their full potential to this day. Credited with naming the iMac, Ken saved Apple from near…
By Sophie Wheeldon and Ken Segall - 11/11/2020
I'm A Celeb 2020 Line-Up
The UK’s favourite reality show is back on our screens this November, despite Covid-19’s best efforts to halt production. With a new location, cast of campmates and exciting bush tucker trials, fans of the show cannot wait to see their favourite…
By Rachel Roark - 09/11/2020
General News, Television
black history month
Black History Month is one of the most important celebrations of the year, and with 2020’s protests for racial equality during the summer, it played a vital role in the fight against racism. This year, the event highlighted the essential need to…
By Megan Lupton - 09/11/2020
General News
Adventurers on mountain top
Adventure speakers are sure-fire crowd-pleasers. Their range of stories connects with audiences of all demographics, enticing them with promises of danger and, ultimately, glory. From all corners of the world, these famous explorers and adventurers…
By Megan Lupton - 30/10/2020