Top 10 Sustainability & Environmental Speakers

There are few people with the knowledge, experience and passion to inspire change as sustainability and environmental speakers. Whether they are adventurers or politicians, humanitarians or business owners, these speakers have a single goal; to save our planet.

Take a look at some of our best sustainability and environment speakers available for you to book today!

1. Andy Pag

Environment speaker, Andy Pag, is no stranger to the speaking circuit. He is an insightful TEDtalk speaker, who has spent two decades touring the world, witnessing first-hand the effects our carbon footprint has on the planet.

“An environmentalist is someone who thinks that your standards of living are more threatened by continuing to use energy and resources in an unsustainable way, as opposed to someone who thinks that their living standards are most threatened by restricting access to resources and energy.”

Andy road-tripped in a second-hand truck which ran on leftover cooking oil, proving that it is possible to protect the Earth while enjoying its scenery. Now a freelance journalist, he documents his experience, inspiring others to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle as a speaker.

2. Josephine Fairley

Josephine Fairley is a woman of many talents. She is not just a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, but a member of the Women’s Environmental Network, a group of feminist environmentalists specialising in sustainability leadership. For over a decade, she has worked with “the green movement” to provide local food growing opportunities and create more accessible eco-friendly menstrual products.

“There are several key factors in our success […] the product itself, branding and design, PR, and for us very importantly as with the others, the ethics which underpin our brand.”

As the creator of Green and Blacks, a successful chocolate brand, Josephine vowed to create a sustainable brand. With ethically sourced cocoa, sustainable development and investment in farming communities, the organic company values the environment. For Josephine, ethics remain at the heart of her work as a sustainability speaker.

3. Chris Hines MBE

Former Sustainability Director of the Eden project, Chris Hines MBE, is an authoritative voice on climate change. Opened in 2001, the biggest greenhouse in the world attracts thousands of tourists each year, reconnecting humans with the natural world. As a speaker, Chris can offer an insight into his business environmental methods.

“We have known about climate change for a long time, but we have done very little.”

Chris doesn’t sugarcoat the situation. His speeches are a warning of the mass flooding, starvation and dehydration guaranteed if we do not face up to climate change. He calls on everyone to embrace the planet and take the necessary steps to protect it.

4. Richard Reed

Richard Reed believes that when business owners are ethically responsible they don’t just protect the environment, but inspire trust in their consumers. Along with two friends, Richard founded Innocent Drinks, a smoothie company that prioritises ethics over profits.

“Our ingredients are 100 percent natural, ethically sourced and in a sustainable way. And we give 10 percent of our profits to charity.”

From picking the fruit to packaging the product, Richard’s business legacy is built on sustainability. The company is 100% Rainforest Alliance certified, an achievement that Richard discusses at length as a sustainability speaker. Richard is at the forefront of eco-friendly business practices.

5. Pen Hadow

Pen Hadow has one message; business owners need to be environmentally sustainable. With so many environmental researchers discovering more sustainable methods, Pen wants businesses to embrace these opportunities and change the course of climate change. As a speaker, he explores these methods.

“[I believe in] the absolutely essential need, in my view, for businesses to start partnering with major natural science research programmes that address the big environmental questions of our time.”

This world-renowned explorer has spearheaded research into our ecosystem, specialising in water pollution and wildlife conservation. His speeches are highly insightful, a true glimpse into the environmental damage we may not see form the warmth of our homes. For business owners, Pen’s advice is invaluable.

6. Liz Bonnin

Liz Bonnin has dedicated her career to wildlife conservation. The biochemist and biologist has presented on BAFTA award-winning shows, like Big Blue Live and Galapagos. Using her knowledge, Liz opens her audience’s eyes to the climate disaster happening right now.

“It’s time we sit up and take note of the toxic impact plastic is having on our bodies.”

She has appeared at numerous events, hosting the likes of ET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards and the Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award. Recently, she interviewed Sir David Attenborough at the University of Cambridge, to highlight the need for more sustainable methods of living.

7. Kate Brandt

Better known as Google’s Sustainability Officer, Kate Brandt has worked with both businesses and government to promote circular principles. She is passionate about a circular economy, the idea that resources can be repurposed to lessen the strain on our environment.

“Going back to 2015, [Google] made a commitment [to] embed circular economy principles into our infrastructure, our operations, our products and our culture.”

From AI to recycling, Kate is at the forefront of business sustainability. As a speaker, she can offer and insight into circular economy, providing advice on how businesses can reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose. Kate boasts years of experience, making her a truly influential thought leader.

8. Linda Cruse

Linda Cruse is an esteemed humanitarian, who has dedicated her life to supporting victims of environmental disasters. Her presentations are famed for her storytelling, as she takes her audience on a journey through global catastrophes caused by climate change.

“Handouts create beggars, create dependency. We need handouts in the initial phase of a disaster – tents, blankets, medicine – but as soon as we possibly can, we have to give people back their independence, their self-esteem, their dignity.”

Linda has worked with some of the most influential charities in the world. She has witnessed first hand the damage a climate disaster can cause; from the refugees left behind to the long term economic damage. This keynote speaker can inspire environmental change by learning from previous events.

9. Trewin Restorick

As the CEO of Hubbub UK, Trewin Restorick is redefining sustainability one environmental message at a time. His presentations bring together businesses and consumers to improve how sustainable industries truly are.

“If you go out there with a bold statement, if you challenge the norm but do it in a positive way, you can build an amazing organisation.”

Trewin discusses the link between environmental issues and economic issues. By shining a light on the small changes we can make, he has inspired audiences to take responsibility for our environment. From Global Action Plan to PaperRound, Trewin’s reach is infinite.

10. David Howell

Lord David Howell, the Baron of Guildford, is a conservative politician and former Secretary of Energy Sustainability. David invests in the youth, and believes that they are key to the recovery of hydrocarbons.

“We are looking at a world which has been governed for a hundred and fifty years by the hydrocarbons, by their refineries, by their finances, by their pipelines.”

While in government, David faced the responsibility of reducing our carbon footprint. From his position within parliament, he took a stand against climate change. His presentations are realistic and factual, inspiring people to embrace sustainability head-on.

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