Kenny Lynch

Popular 1960's Solo Artist

One of the first black solo artists in British pop music Kenny Lynch is a music act and entertainer who came to the fore in 1960’s and remains a popular performer more than fifty years later.

Born in East London, Lynch was the son of notable jazz singer Maxine Daniels and made his own music debut the early 60’s. Known for both his successes and failures Kenny Lynch was is one of the most well remembered solo artists of the period and garnered a number of UK top ten hits.

His first top ten came in 1962 with the release of Up on the Roof, which was written by Grammy award winning solo artist Carole King and was later released by The Drifters where it gained further success. Kenny Lynch is also known for recording the first cover of a Beatles song, his version of Misery was a notorious flop but opened the doors for a flood of similar covers over the next thirty years. Interestingly Lynch would go on to work with Beatles star Paul McCartney in his later work with Wings.

As well as writing and performing his own songs Kenny Lynch also wrote a number of hits for various other solo artists and bands, most notably writing several songs, including the hit Sha-La-La-La-Lee for The Small Faces.

During the 1970’s and 80’s Kenny Lynch began working as a producer for a variety of British music acts as well as finding success with composing music for films and television productions including the vocal version of the theme song for the iconic John Carpenter film Assault on Precinct 13.

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