Rapper, Poet & Activist Awarded Best Hip-Hop Act at the MOBO Awards, Founder of The Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company, Co-Founder of Immovable Studios, Author of "Natives" & "The Dark Lady", Named on the Powerlist









The Dark Lady

The Dark Lady

Native: Race And Class In The Ruins Of The Empire

Native: Race And Class In The Ruins Of The Empire

Akala received a 5 star rating across 10 events in 2023

Senior Keynote Speaker & Entertainment Manager

"Akala is a highly recommended keynote speaker whose multifaceted career spans music, writing and activism. His dynamic presentations are enriched by his deep knowledge and unique experiences in the arts and social entrepreneurship. Engaging and articulate, Akala captivates audiences with his insightful discussions on culture, history and education. His prestigious collaborations and impactful appearances, from BBC programs to global music festivals, highlight his versatility and appeal as a speaker."

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Akala's official speaking topics are listed below:

  • Africa In History - an overview of African civilisations and societies from 10,000BC to 1700AD, looking at the development of writing, astronomical calendars, metallurgy, warfare, empires, kinship, religions and much more. 
  • The Haitian Revolution - tells the story of the only successful slave revolution in human history. Between 1791 and 1804 the former slaves of Haiti defeated France, Britain and Spain in war and declared the country independent and slavery forever abolished. 
  • A History of Black Britain - from the Romans to the Tudors, from the 18th century black abolitionists to the 19th-century working-class black radicals, from Notting Hill Carnival to Broadwater Farm this is a social history of the presence of black people in the British isles.  
  • Black People of the Americas - explores the history of black people of America from slave rebellions to music, art and culture and to the fascinating but lesser-known achievements of black scientists and inventors in the 19th century and much much more
  • Black People In Science: Ancient and Modern - explores the contributions of Black People to Science and Technology throughout history, from the mathematical systems of pre-colonial Africa to the achievements and inventions of black Americans in the 19th century. 
  • Race, Class and Imperialism - a historical look at the development of racism and race science in the context of class development and European Imperialism. 
  • THSC Talk – Hip hop and Shakespeare: An Overview and Explanation - an introduction to the work and concepts of The Hip Hop Shakespeare company looking at language, rhythm and themes and exploring the social and linguistic parallels between the works of William Shakespeare and that of modern-day rappers. 
  • History of Hip Hop – The Evolution of an Emcee – Overview of the oral traditions, musical, cultural and political movements that have contributed to the evolution of Emceeing so far - Tracing the development of oral poetry and storytelling from the Griots of West Africa through blues and jazz into Hip-Hop. 
  • Music Industry and Production Master class.  
  • Natives – talk about Akala’s new book - Akala’s bestselling 2018 book Natives is part biography part polemic that fuses stories from Akala’s own life with a historical scholarship to examine race and class in the ruins of the British Empire. 
  • The Power of Education - from growing up in a theatre, to black Saturday school, from playing football for West Ham United to running his own business to the bitter lessons learned from his friend's mistakes Akala has experienced many forms of education in addition to schooling. This talk examines what he learned from each of them. 
  • Police, Protest and Progress - a look at where we are now and where we go from here in the context of the global, multi-ethnic, anti-racist movement happening in 2020. 

Official Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events

Feedback from Virtual Events:

"As a Citi employee, I’d like to thank Akala for speaking last week. I learned a great deal and am extremely grateful." - Citi Bank

  • 2022 - Co-Founder of Immovable Studios
  • 2021 - Author of "The Dark Lady"
  • 2018 - Author of "Natives: Race And Class In The Ruins of Empire"
  • 2018 - Recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Arts from Oxford Brookes University & an Honorary Degree from Brighton University
  • 2015 - Delivered a Full Address & Q+A for the Oxford Union
  • 2009 - Founder of The Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company
  • 2006 - Winner of a MOBO for Best Hip Hop Act