Headline British Rapper, Social Influencer, MOBO Award Winner & Author

How to hire Akala

Contact the Champions Speakers agency to book Akala for your event today. Simply call a booking agent on 0207 1010 553 or email us at agent@championsukplc.com for a free quote.

** We do not accept requests for autographs, signed merchandise, fan mail, birthday messages, or any other non-commercial contact with our speakers or acts.

When he's at corporate events, Akala's official speaking topics are:

  • Africa in history - Prezi seminar: overview of pre-colonial African civilisations/societies from 20,000BC to 1500AD
  • The Haitian Revolution - overview/exploration of the only successful slave revolt in human history, during which enslaved Africans defeated the armies of Britain, France and Spain
  • A history of Black Britain
  • Black people of the Americas - exploration of the legacy of slavery and colonialism across the Americas from Canada to Brazil including the Caribbean 
  • Black people in science: ancient and modern - explores the contributions of black people to science and technology throughout history
  • Race, class and imperialism 
  • THSC talk - hip hop and Shakespeare: an overview and exploration 
  • History of hip hop - the evolution of an emcee - overview of oral traditions, musical, cultural and political movements that have contributed to the evolution of emceeing so far
  • Music industry and production master class
  • NATIVES - talk about Akala's new book
  • The power of education