Kyle ‘Bungha’ Giersdorf

Richest Ever Fortnite Player

Kyle Giersdorf is a professional gamer and the richest Fornite player ever. At just sixteen years old, he is one of the biggest eSports stars of today. More commonly known as his online name ‘Bungha’, Kyle’s historic victory helped to establish eSports as a lucrative career path for aspiring gamers.

Most famously Kyle won the first Fortnite World Cup held on the 28th of July 2019 at the Arthur Ash Stadium, New York. Forty Million players battled it out in the solo competition over a period of ten weeks to gain one of the 100 spots available at the stadium final. With ten thousand fans watching in the stadium alone, the four-hour game saw Kyle come out on top. The prize? Three Million US Dollars. Scoring 26 more points than the second-place competitor, Kyle finished the life-changing game on 59 points.

Prior to winning the Fortnite World Cup Kyle Giersdorf practiced from six to ten hours a day, whilst still studying and attending school. He only started playing the game two years before his historic win, in 2017. Quickly he realised he was talented at the game and he competed in smaller competitions such as the 2018 Microsoft store Fortnite Friday tournament where he placed second. Scouted as a serious competitor he was signed by Team Sentinels in March 2019.

As the winner of the first Fortnite World Cup, Kye gained global mainstream media attention, instantly. Being interviewed on live television is daunting for many, but Kyle handled the questioning with ease and was comfortable in his star status when he appeared the day after his win on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and the Today Show. He has continued to make public appearances and complete interviews about his experience as a professional Fortnite player and his plans for the future.

Going forward, Kyle will continue to play Fortnite and will compete in the upcoming Season 10 Fortnite Championship Series. In order to keep his fans entertained he wants to grow his presence on Youtube and on the online streaming service Twitch, where he already regularly streams to 40,000 fans. He will remain a member of Team Sentinels.

At his young age, Kyle Giersdorf has already experienced incredible achievements many of us can only dream of. As a speaker, he is unfiltered, light-hearted and committed to giving an audience the answers they want about eSports stardom.

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When at corporate events, Kyle is known to cover the following topics:

  • ESports
  • The Future of eSports
  • Competitive Gaming
  • Fortnite Strategy
  • Peak Performance
  • Young Fame