Yossi Ghinsberg

Inspirational Global Explorer

Israeli author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg has not had a run-of-the-mill life. Quite the opposite in fact. Having served in the Israeli Navy, Yossi decided then to take to South America for the trip of a lifetime. There he and two friends met Karl Ruprechter who promised the group he was an expert in trawling the jungle. Despite warnings from the locals about the deadly terrain, the group trusted him, and were after an adventure. Yossi and the group took to the Amazon jungle in Bolivia, aiming to get a glimpse of an indigenous Indian village as Karl had promised them.

Marcus, his friend, got trench foot eight days into their planned (botched) four day expedition, and the group began to quarrel as they took to a raft to head down the river. Kevin convinced him to ‘go it alone’ with him to continue the adventure, while the other two headed for home.

Soon after, the river became more intense, whiter, faster and stronger and the duo had to ride the waves in the hope that they would make it to safety. The two then became stranded on a rock face near white water and Kevin jumped to the side of the waterface. Yossi was swept away by the current and carried two miles downstream. Not knowing what happened to his friends and surviving the great water pressure of the canyon – he was alive. But alone. Having luckily found his survival backpack he had some of the food and resources to help him survive. Yossi followed the river in the hope of finding his friend and escaping the jungle alive. Battling floods and food shortage, fear, infection, insects and predators, the young adventurer now had trench foot too.

And to make matters worse, a jaguar had found him. Amazingly, he had a cigarette lighter and a can of repellent with him. He set the repellent on fire and managed to scare the big cat away. The events of the hours before saw Yossi optimistic that he would make it and he was singing along as he trekked the jungle.

The following days proved harder for Yossi and he was famished, weak and delirious. Following the feeling of defeat and dejection that came from a plane passing by and not noticing him, he was down and out, bleeding, infected, with fungus feet and seemingly on death’s door. There Kevin appeared and found Yossi and the two embraced the miracle that occurred. His story is one that inspires, motivates and proves that when humankind is on the brink, survival mode kicks in. For tales of hardship and anecdotes aplenty, Yossi is an ideal after dinner speaker to impress guests and delegates. Having founded the tech-company, Headbox and developed the Blinq mobile app under the company name, Yossi is also a leading business speaker with extensive knowledge in the technology arena.

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When at corporate events, Yossi Ghinsberg is known to cover the following topics:

  • Leadership Speaker
  • Motivation: Finding it & Keeping it
  • Pioneering Mindset & Breakthroughs
  • Team Performance & Improvement
  • Resilience
  • Goal Setting & Setbacks
  • Risk vs Rewards
  • Global Environmental Change & Corporate Sustainability
  • Peak Performance

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