They say money makes the world go around… a commodity that has perhaps the greatest stigma, importance and demand in the world, everyone wants more money. The Champions Speakers agency are fully aware of the importance and longing for financial freedom and security individuals, families and businesses have and are therefore delighted to offer a number of the world’s leading consumer and personal finance speakers to hire for your event.

The financial climate and what the future holds are two of the most frequently discussed topics on news programmes and current affairs shows today, and this topic has also increasingly gone on to hold a prominent presence within the household so if you are looking for a speaker to discuss these topics in detail at your next event or function, you’ve come to the right place.

At Champions Speakers, we have a fantastic choice of consumer and personal finance speakers who will discuss topics including the impact of Brexit and the global financial climate amongst many more factors as well as futurism speakers who will discuss what lies ahead for us based on technological advancements, financial forecasts and business predictions. Along with these incredibly important areas of finance, our speakers will also be able to educate, outline and insight guests into their consumer rights and personal finances that will facilitate and inspire people to go on a journey to financial freedom.

Are you ready to begin your journey to financial freedom and enlightenment? If so, be sure to browse through the fantastic consumer and personal finance speakers on our books and don’t hesitate to get in touch to enquire about their availability through our online form or on 0207 1010 553 where our dedicated team will be delighted to provide further information and answers to your questions.



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Oliver Kamm
Sarah Harper Booking Agent
Sarah Harper
david smith
David Smith
dan smith
Dan Smith
Arturo Bris
Arturo Bris
Robert Guest Agent
Robert Guest
chris giles
Chris Giles
Jim Yong Kim
Jim Yong Kim
No matter how big or small your event, here at the Champions Speakers agency, we have a consumer and personal finance speaker that is perfect for you and ensure they will make a truly transformational impact that could potentially change the lives and finances of those in attendance. Discussing banking, savings, insurance and borrowing to outline a few areas of expertise, the Champions' range of consumer and personal finance speakers really are outstanding individuals with the power to help you to make a change.
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