Wendy Dignan


Unless you’ve had stress, anxiety or a mental health problem, it can be very difficult to explain to people, rest assured that I get it.

Not just by reading books and talking to sufferers. I really get it.I also know how to unlock it’s grasp on your life and happiness.

I’ve been where you are and promise you, nobody needs to struggle with worry, anxiety or other mental health problems anymore. Thirty years later, with multiple degrees to Doctorate level, I’m on a mission to eradicate things like anxiety, stress, depression and other problems from the world. I’ve helped thousands of people who struggle with these types of problems to be the best version of themselves and live with a real passion for life.

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“Known as the best psychologist around, Wendy’s an obvious choice to be featured on the show.” – Cheshire Housewives, ITVbe


“As an ex-athlete I’ve always advocated the benefits of keeping in shape physically, but it’s just as important to look after your mental wellbeing. Book a session with Wendy, she’s the person to help you look after your brain just as you would your body.”Graham Bell, 5 x Olympic Skier and presenter of BBC Ski Sunday.


“Dare to dream big and Wendy’s THE person to help get you there.”Sam Bailey, X Factor winner with a long list of sell out tour successes under her belt.


“The most exciting thing in the world is getting a chance to tear it all up and start again. Keep all the things you want and throw out everything you don’t. Wendy will help you do just that!” – Becky Sheeran, Beauty, lifestyle and fashion blogging sensation Becky Sheeran (TalkBeckyTalk)


“It’s great to have a leading psychologist such as Wendy in the Manchester area, outside of her Harley Street practice. After publicly raising awareness of mental health issues and myself recovering from depression, I know how immensely life-changing expert intervention can be.”Jason Jarrett, Retired ex-professional footballer