Louis-Philippe Loncke


Belgian explorer, adventurer, consultant, entrepreneur and leading speaker, Louis-Philippe Loncke is most notably known for being the first person to traverse the length of the Simpson Desert on foot. As a leading adventurer, Louis-Philippe is able to provide a motivational and inspiring talk on subjects that include teamwork, self-belief, business management, goal setting and peak performance. Initially an expert engineer and management consultant, Louis-Philippe first got a thrill for extreme adventure after travelling abroad for work. During that time, he learned to scuba dive in Singapore, going on to spend an entire year diving and hiking in Australia and New Zealand. In total, throughout that year, Louis-Philippe walked 2000km and dived over 100 times.

Louis has completed a number of breakthrough world’s first treks, including taking the gruelling trek across the Tasmanian Wilderness solo for 7 weeks, unsupported crossing of the West MacDonnell National Park, unsupported traverse of Iceland, unsupported traverse of Deer Valley Park and touring the Belgian Waterways by kayak, to name a few. Most notably, he made the history books for being the first person to completely unsupported across the length of the Simpson Desert, the most arid desert in Australia.

Founder of his own company, Louis-Philippe also works as a freelance IT management consultant, consultant for expeditions and also collects information about expeditions online to help others start their own adventures. As a result of this, Louis-Philippe is passionate about helping to inspire others to explore and achieve more, whether it be young explorers, adventures, scientists, business leaders or the general public. As a result of his astounding career and achievements, Louis-Phillipe has received a number of awards. Some of these include 2009 Young Talent of the Year, Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, European Adventurer of the Year 2016 and was ranked no.3 in the Top 10 expeditions of 2018.

As an engineer and management consultant, Louis-Philippe uses his knowledge on the subject to meticulously plan risks and solutions, which helped him to succeed in extreme and unsupported expeditions, making history in the process. This is something that Louis-Philippe discusses at events and presentations, along with other subjects that revolve around the environment, business, expedition coaching, mental resilience, technology, motivation, team management and peak performance.

A leading international speaker, Louis-Philippe has spoken at some of the most prestigious conferences and organisations all around the world. For example, he is a well renowned TEDx speaker, having taken to the stage multiple times. Pulling from his own personal experience, knowledge and techniques, he discusses the most important lessons he has learnt from his corporate jobs to his expeditions, customising his talks to suit the event subject and client’s wishes.

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When at corporate events, Louis-Philippe is known to cover the following topics:

  • Adventure
  • Environment
  • Motivation
  • Project Management
  • Goal-setting
  • Teamwork