Chris Giles

Financial Times' Economics Editor

Highly regarded economics editor and journalist, Chris Giles, has been at the forefront of reporting and analyzing some of the biggest economic issues in the UK and Europe to date. He is not intimidated by addressing the elephant in the room and has tackled Brexit, the Eurozone debt crisis and the general election.
Chris Giles got his first professional experience in journalism in 1998 when he paired his research abilities with reporting as an economics reporter for the BBC. This first job role was his catapult into the industry and his present career as a well-respected economics editor for the Financial Times. Having spent 18 combined years as the lead writer and later progressing to his current role, he is known for covering a large span of UK and global economic affairs.
Often called upon to share his knowledge, Chris has long been a favorite to chair discussions on all manner of economic analysis. In 2016 Chris contributed to a panel at the University of Durham tasked with forecasting the economic situations after the referendum. In 2019, Chris was selected as the keynote speaker for SMMT International Automotive Summit, where he shared his predictions for the automotive industry post Brexit.
Recently Giles put forward his perspective on the UK’s overall economic outlook at The Whitehall & Industry Group breakfast briefing in London where he impressed the audience with his insight.

Over the course of his career, Chris Giles has been recognised for his contributions to economics reporting and analysis. In 2008 and in 2012 he was awarded the Roya Statistical Societies Prize for excellence in journalism and in 2012 he was also announced as the Business Journalist of the year. The most prestigious award in economic journalism was presented to Giles in 2015, the Senior Wincott Award for financial journalism.

Giles’ awards are a testament to his hard work. He has a reputation for being able to present a deep understanding of the crucial factors affecting the economy, to an audience of inexperienced minds in an accessible way. During Chris Giles’ talks, you won’t endure a dry presentation of the numbers, instead, you will be engaged in an interactive discussion led by an industry expert.

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When at corporate events, Chris is known to cover the following topics:

  • Journalism & Media
  • Politics & Economics
  • Brexit & The EU
  • International Economics

Watch Chris Giles in action at the 2019 SMMT Sumit.