Peter Andre


Peter Andre is a world famous reality TV star who launched his career as a music act back in the 1990’s with numerous chart hits including the seminal Mysterious Girl. Now a reality TV star of his own series and the TV presenter for ITV property series 60 Minute Makeover, Peter has established himself as more than simply the celebrity pin-up he once was.

After appearing on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in 2004 Andre began a much publicised relationship with glamour model and fellow reality TV star Katie Price. Together the two furthered both their careers with the launch of their brand “Katie & Peter” which consisted of a number of television documentary series entitled Katie & Peter…

Following the break-up of his five year relationship and marriage to Price, Peter Andre continued to work as a reality TV star, he expanded his public image by appearing on a number of high profile talk shows and became TV presenter for several panel shows and game shows.

Andre has also maintained a career as a music act, after his return to fame in 2004 Andre released a number of other singles and an album with his then wife Katie. Andre remains a staple of the tabloid diet, his status as a reality TV star marks him as one of the most popular British celebrities around, his talents as a TV presenter have demonstrated, however, that there is more to Peter than many first believed and this has only furthered his public acclaim.

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Listen to Andre’s famous Mysterious Girl here: