Steve Daking


Steve Daking is one of the world’s leading snooker speakers, an established trick shot player Daking is a world class entertainer and much sought after sports speaker.

Beginning his career in 1993 Daking quickly rose to the rank of professional and took his show on the road, touring across the UK as both an entertainer and an impressive snooker speaker Steve Daking established himself as the go-to-guy for snooker events and pool coaching.

Steve’s reputation as an excellent trick shot entertainer has garnered him a great deal of television work, including appearances on Channel 5 and the BBC as well as in commercials and providing coaching and training for actors who have later gone on to perform pool tricks in shows such as Eastenders.

Outside his work as a corporate entertainer Steve Daking has worked as a sports speaker and coach for would-be professionals at the UK’s first snooker coaching school, the 8 Ball Academy. He is also Head of Coaching by the World Eightball Pool Federation, English Pool Association and Universities Pool Council, and has been tasked with putting in place a network of qualified coaches.

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