Neil Laybourn


An award winning mental health campaigner and half of the inspiring due, Jonny and Neil, the man who was the subject of the infamous #FindMike social media campaign and esteemed motivational speaker, Neil Laybourn is an outstanding keynote speaker that is available to hire for events and functions through the Champions Speakers agency.

Laybourn, who is the founder of This Can Happen, never imagined that a chance meeting on Waterloo Bridge in London would change the course of his life. Innocuously walking past Jonny Benjamin, sitting by the bridge, contemplating taking his own life, Neil stopped to talk to him and persuaded him to take a step back. Successful in his mission to bring Jonny around, the duo went their separate ways for 6 years until a high profile social media search, dubbed the #FindMike campaign, which became a global news campaign that reached over 300 million people around the world and ended with Jonny finding the stranger who saved his life, Neil Laybourn.

Reunited, the pair have gone on to work as team and spread the message of mental health while raising the awareness and stigma that surrounds mental illness. Neil Laybourn began his career within the fitness industry which allows him to share vital tools and tactics to guests which facilities a healthy lifestyle and directly correlates to positive mental health. Now working alongside his best friend, Jonny Benjamin, the pair have helped organisations ranging from schools and universities to large corporates and everybody in-between in the UK and across the world eradicate the stigma of mental health and offer real support to workers facing challenges.

An ambassador for the national mental health charities Rethink Mental Illness and Mental Health UK, Neil works extensively to help address mental health and raise suicide prevention awareness. A compelling speaker that instantly engages his guests with a story that instantly captures the emotion and mind of all in attendance, Neil Laybourn truly is an inspirational figure that is able to cultivate a change in culture. Recognised for his tremendous work with a Pride of Britain award namely for his part in the #FindMike campaign and the hit Channel 4 in the award-winning Stranger on the Bridge documentary that documented the pairs incredible story a year later.

Fully aware of his calling in life, Neil captivates guests as a public speaker working with both private and public organisations to spread a message that is incredibly close to his heart.  A qualified mental health first aid instructor with MHFA England, Laybourn founded This Can Happen – an innovative mental health conference tackling challenges in the workplace and bringing solutions and practical ideas to employers and leadership teams to help them look after their staff and colleagues in real-life, meaningful ways. Continuing to grow mechanisms that had the potential to raise awareness and save lives, Neil co-founded You Alright Mate, an international mental health campaigning organisation to bring business leaders, fellow campaigners and international support organisations together with a purpose to enhance the pair’s already accomplished campaigning in the UK and make a difference globally.

Also the co-founder of the charity Beyond Shame Beyond Stigma, Neil Laybourn’s latest venture aims to raise funds for preventative mental health and young people’s mental health solutions. Awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Bristol University for work in mental health campaigning and advocacy work, alongside Jonny, the wonderful, impressive and inspirational Neil Laybourn is a must for any event looking to hire a speaker to motivate audiences and make a change in the world.

To book Neil Laybourn as the motivational speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.