Susanna Reid

Good Morning Britain Presenter

British television and radio presenter Susanna Reid is one of the chief TV presenters on ITV’s flagship morning show, Good Morning Britain, where she moved to in 2013 after almost ten years as an anchor and newsreader for BBC Breakfast.

Susanna Reid’s first job as a television and radio presenter was for BBC Radio Bristol where she worked as a newsreader and reporter, moving to Radio 5 Live Reid developed her presenting skills, continued to work as a roving reporter and even dabbled in radio production. In 1992 Reid joined BBC News 24 where she held her first major presenting role.

Beginning her role as Breakfast TV presenter in 2004 Susanna Reid was one of the first faces to be seen by millions of viewers first thing in the morning, her stylish appearance and professional but approachable persona helped to make her one of the most popular TV presenters to sit on BBC Breakfast’s red sofa. As well as appearing on Breakfast Susanna Reid worked prolifically across the BBC, acting as the newsreader on the BBC’s Sunday morning political debate programme, the Andrew Marr Show. She has held roles as a TV presenter on the Politics Show, the BBC News Channel, Breakfast with Frost and, in 2010, began working as one of the main hosts of Sunday Morning Live.

During her career Susanna Reid has interviewed some of the most famous and influential people in the world, from politician’s to Hollywood stars Reid has interviewed Al Gore, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Alastair Campbell, Meryl Streep, Sir Michael Caine and David Tennant.

Outside her work as a TV presenter Susanna Reid has chaired a number of conferences and events, she is particularly known for her charity work and has chaired conferences for the Media Trust, Voluntary Arts England, and the Association of Colleges, and fund-raising events for Myotubular Trust and the Ickle-Pickle Foundation.

Always popular amongst viewers for her personal charm and pleasant demeanour Susanna became even more popular amongst audiences when, in 2013, she competed in the BBC series Strictly Come Dancing, eventually taking a runner up position in the show’s finale.

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