Di Dougherty

Specialist Golf TV Presenter

TV presenter and fantastic golf speaker Di Dougherty, previously Stewart, picked up her first set of clubs aged just six years old and has since become one of the lucky few people whose passion extends from their hobbies into their personal and professional lives.

Dreaming of working as a television and radio presenter from a young age Di Dougherty took her first steps into broadcasting soon after leaving university when she began working on the production team for Galaxy Radio. It did not take long however for Di to progress on and, joining Sky Sports as a runner it was only a matter of time before her talents as a TV presenter and love of golf were spotted by a producer.

Di Dougherty made her first appearance as a TV presenter on the Sky Sports News Channel, her personal interest in sport giving her an edge over many of her contemporaries whilst her enigmatic and charismatic personality made her a joy for audiences to watch. Soon after landing her first on screen job the opportunities of becoming a world class television and radio presenter began opening up for Dougherty.

She became the lead host and TV presenter for Sky’s dedicated golf programme where she would commentate as well as discuss the game and interview players and other significant golf speakers. Di’s personal passion for golf was evident in her very first broadcast and she quickly became a favourite amongst golf fans.

Di Dougherty continues to act as the TV presenter for Sky’s golf coverage but has also appeared on numerous other programmes including working as the lead host for Sky3’s programme More Big Ideas, where she meets and interviews the contestants from the Sky One show. She has also appeared in various advertising campaigns for golf paraphernalia for the Titleist brand.

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