Charles Hazlewood


Charles Hazlewood has become renowned for hosting motivational and highly interactive presentations. The compelling conductor is one of the most revered and requested figures in the world, who can use music and passion to disrupt old paradigms and conjure a more creative and inclusive ‘new’. Incredibly in demand and held in the highest regard, Charles is a two times TED speaker who has earned international acclaim as a composer.

Charles is also an inspiring motivational speaker, who specialises in “orchestrating success”. With a foundation of musical activities, his emotive presentations are candid and authentic, leading his audience to share in moments of self-reflection. Charles can rejuvenate a stagnant workplace, offering strategies to department cohesion and inspiring productivity in employees. He is passionate about breaking down boundaries within the workplace that can prevent teamwork, by developing genuine relationships through tailored workshops.

Despite conducting some of the greatest classical repertoires in history with some of the best orchestras in the world, Charles is so much more than a conductor – he is a visionary with a mission to bring the modern joy of orchestral music to a new audience to change lives and communities for the better. Dubbed the British Bernstein by the New York Sun, Charles believes that music can overcome barriers of language, class and culture.

Charles is on a mission to make the world a better place through music. He founded the world’s first paraorchestra, which performed at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as to the European Parliament and Barack Obama in 2014. The composer and founder of the world’s first orchestra of disabled musicians tours the world demonstrating the incredible creative talent of disabled people to new audiences all over the world.

Charlie occupies a unique position in British musical life. The combination of his outstanding musical talent, versatility as a conductor and his passion for bringing classical music to the widest possible audience, has led to a significant profile as a conductor in the broadcast media, and on the world stage.

He occupies a central position on BBC Radio 3 with Discovering Music, where he deconstructs great orchestral music with the BBC and his own two orchestras. He also hosts Radio 2‘s The Charles Hazlewood Show, where he explores his vast catholic music tastes in sessions recorded on his farm in Somerset. The show has won 3 Sony Awards.

Charles launched his own orchestral music festival at his farm near Glastonbury, Somerset in August 2009. In association with his friend and classic music enthusiast Deborah Meaden, Charles was determined to present great orchestral music out of the traditional confines of the concert hall and give local people an experience of a world-class symphony orchestra.

A guest conductor that is held in the highest regard worldwide, Charles has excelled for years on stage, on television and radio. He draws metaphors between a working orchestra and a typical business environment, to demonstrate that once you have experienced making music with others, you have experienced what it is to trust, lead, risk, succeed and thrive in the face of adversity. Contact us today at the Champions Speakers agency for further information on how to book the imperious and extraordinarily talented Charles Hazlewood for your event.

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“The whole event went really well. Charles was great and all the participants were really interested in everything he had to say!” – Simone, Simon-Kucher

“Simply inspirational. He managed to make his presentation relevant to everyone in the audience, whatever their roles in the organisation.” From Servant Leadership Institute Conference, San Diego

“Charles ran a 2 hour work shop that managed to get the group of over 20 global managers working together more positively – it was all we could talk about at dinner, evoking debate and conversation.” – Vanessa Lunt, Events Director, Mulberry

“If you want to inspire your employees to excellence as a team, bring Charles Hazlewood to address your next company gathering” – Carol Malinski, The Servant

“You lead where others follow” – Sir Nicholas Serota, Chair, Arts Council England