Marc Koska

Inventor Of The Single-Use Syringe

How to hire Marc Koska

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When booked for corporate events, Marc is known to discuss the following topics:

Global Medical Practices – Having witnessed first-hand the various standards of medical practices across the globe, Marc’s unique insight is incredibly valuable. Audiences will learn about not just the position of privilege they may have with their own country’s healthcare, but the dizzying standards being set elsewhere in the world. Marc’s personal journey through the globe’s healthcare services is all-encompassing, and enlightening.

The K1 Syringe – Who better to discuss the K1 syringe, than its inventor? This syringe has revolutionised modern medical practices, and saved billions of lives in the process. Learn all about Marc’s guide to inventing this miracle medical device, and the staggering impact it has had on the welfare of underprivileged areas.

Innovation – As an inventor, Marc embodies innovation. His mindset is geared towards creating, while his heart is constantly on the lookout for more lives to improve. A speaker like Marc will inspire an innovative mindset in his audience, and a keen drive for new, unique ideas. Essential for corporate success, Marc teaches audiences how to open their eyes to the bigger picture.

Transmitted Diseases – From a novice, to an expert, Marc has dedicated his life to understanding the complex nature of transmitted diseases – in particular, those spread through the blood. Including HIV and AIDS, his ongoing work continues to uncover the secrets of these diseases, and the ways that humankind can decrease its infection rate.

Official Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events

"What a rockstar! Marc opened the day and was amazing. We will work with him in the future." - Patsnap

"A brief note to say thank you for your speech at our conference. We have had great feedback on how engaging and fascinating it was. Hope all goes well with your new venture – The world needs people like you and it was great to meet you." - BSI Group

  • Created the K1 in the early 2000s, a single-use syringe that disables itself following a single use. The life-saving product has been bought over 2.5 billion times since 2001.
  • Led the One Injection, One Syringe campaign in India, in 2008. The campaign raised awareness for the dangers of diseases transmitted through blood.
  • Founded The SafePoint Trust in 2009.
  • Conducted his TEDOxford talk titled 1.3 Million Reasons to Reinvent the Syringe, in 2009.
  • Marc’s K1 syringe was endorsed by the World Health Organisation in 2015.
  • Awarded an OBE in 2006, for his contribution to global healthcare.