Rickie Arthur


Rickie Arthur is the music act and stage performer known as one of the most credible Michael Buble tribute acts working in the UK.

Born in Wales Rickie is, like his solo artist companion the real Michael Buble, of Italian descent; his likeness to the original was commented on long before Arthur established his own career as a solo artist.

Working to hone his voice to mimic Buble himself Rickie Arthur not only covers Buble’s biggest hits but appears on stage with a full band; all the songs performed by Arthur are always of the highest quality; copious practice and professional training have gone in to ensure that Rickie Arthur, as Buble Fever, and his band are as good as seeing the real thing.

Outside his work with the band Buble Fever Rickie Arthur is also a solo artist in his own right; he covers many of the most popular hits of the last twenty years, his gorgeous voice providing an excellent backdrop to romantic evening events or complimenting upbeat and impressive bands at weddings. If you are looking for the real thing, Rickie Arthur is about as close as you’ll get.

To hire Rickie Arthur as the solo artist for your event or to hire Buble Fever as the band for your wedding contact Champions Speakers by completing the online form. For information on other music acts contact us directly by telephone on: +44 1509 85 29 27

For anyone that hasn’t ‘experienced “Buble Fever show starring Rickie Arthur…..this show will leave you both shaken & stirred! He absolutely epitomizes Michael Buble and his stage presence is awe-inspiring……especially for someone who is still only 24! The production has grown from the clubs to the theatres and is now one of the most popular in theatre land. Featuring a Buble Fever Orchestra, the Buble Fever Show is definitely not one to miss. Peter Tobitt  Promoter/Musician