John Crowley

American biotechnology expert and CEO for Novazyme Pharmaceuticals

John Crowley is an inspirational figure to many. John is an entrepreneur, Naval Officer as well as an American biotechnology expert who saved his children’s lives and many more. John is the founder of multiple biotech companies that specialise in curing genetic diseases. Crowley was working at Bristol-Myers Squibb where he obtained multiple management positions; that was until his frustration got the better of him. John quit his job with the news of his children’s health rapidly deteriorating with Pompe’s disease.

This sparked Johns fire as he quickly took the position as the CEO for Novazyme Pharmaceuticals which was a biotechnology research company who specialised in new experimental treatments for the disease that affected his children both Megan and Patrick.

In 2001 the company was taken over by Genzyme Corporation who were the third largest biotech company in the world. Crowley remained in charge of the global Genzyme’s Pompe Program. John created the biggest research and development effort in the entire of the company’s history to date.

The company and John had been searching since 2001 up until he hit gold in 2003 where his children received an enzyme replacement therapy amazingly saving their lives. The sheer determination and drive John showed was recorded in the Harvard Business School Case Study named Novazyme: A Father’s Love. John is a remarkable and inspirational figure. John is still part of the Navy reserves, President of multiple pharmaceutical companies and now Chairman and CEO of Amicus Therapeutics.

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