Chris Packham


Naturalist, photographer and presenter Chris Packham is a highly sought after after-dinner speaker. Having dedicated his life to the conservation of nature, Chris has led an extraordinarily influential career, particularly in his presenting appearances as a speaker. Chris inspires people to value the nature around them, by offering tips and tricks to nurturing back garden plants and animals.

Born in Hampshire, Chris graduated from the University of Southampton with a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology. Rather than continuing his studies, he then chose to train as a wildlife cameraman, starting his journey into nature presenting. Chris’ first role as a cameraman was as a part-time assistant on the show A Toad’s Tale, in 1983. From there, he filmed The Living Planet series, The Living Isles for BBC and Ourselves and Other Animals for Channel 4, until 1985.

In 1986, Chris worked on the BAFTA award-winning show, The Really Wild Show, on BBC One. This was his first television presenting role, and kick-started his career as a presenter. Chris also cultivated his photography career during this time, having worked for Channel 4 on Wild Shots. Additionally, he tried his hand at scriptwriting for the show The X Creatures, on BBC One. Chris showed no signs of slowing down, moving from show to show, using his videography skills and knowledge of nature to shine a light on endangered species.

In 2009, Chris started working for a programme called Springwatch, which was a springboard for his career. He is now a fan favourite, and Springwatch is considered to be the pinnacle of British television. Alongside Michaela Strachan and Martin Hughes-Games, the show is the BBC’s largest British outside broadcast events, as it is shot live from different locations in the country.

As a motivational speaker, Chris can reflect upon the skills he cultivated in his career, which enabled him to work productively on a team of camera crew. Considered to be one of the greatest nature presenters nationwide, amongst the likes of Sir David Attenborough, Chris is equipped with countless exciting stories which he shares as an after-dinner speaker.

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When at corporate events, Chris is known to cover the following topics:

  • Sustainability
  • Presenting
  • Working in the eye of the public
  • Remaining calm under pressure
  • Animal welfare
  • Conserving wildlife

Chris on The Tonight Show: