Rebecca Hosking

Environmental Campaigner, Leading Regenerative Farmer & Former BBC Filmmaker

How to hire Rebecca Hosking

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Rebecca Hosking's official speaker topics include:

  • Anyone can be the change
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • How to run a successful campaign
  • Think global, act local
  • Working as a group to create change
  • Plastic pollution
  • Working with nature within business
  • Ecological living
  • Drive and determination
  • Regenerative farming
  • Biodiversity (International Day for Biological Diversity)
  • Environment (World Environment Day)
  • Earth Day
  • Climate change
  • How to reduce your environmental/carbon footprint
  • Sustainability and the Environment
  • How to personally connect with nature

Official Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events


"Rebecca was a brilliant speaker. The photographs used in her talk were amazing and were masterfully blended into an engaging story about biodiversity that was tailored to our company. The feedback afterwards from the viewers was so positive - Mary, Ipsen

"Everyone loved the talk, thank you so much. Rebecca was fabulous. So interesting and a really engaging and useful conversation." - Lee, Lightsource BP

"We were thrilled to have Rebecca Hosking speak at our corporate Earth Day event! I met with Rebecca a few days ahead of the event and she was lovely: extremely professional and willing to tailor her speech and calls to action to relate most to our employees. What really resonated with us was how genuine she is and her passion for nature and true, actionable sustainability. She presents living proof that one person’s actions can inspire a community, and a community can inspire the world." - Sarah, Fusion Risk Management Inc

"Rebecca's presentation was nothing short of incredible.  It was relevant, moving, heartbreaking yet the story unfolded into how Rebecca implemented change. These examples of climate optimism show how we can all make those differences that can spark real conversation and change within our communities. Rebecca didn't try to force the message, instead she showed how we can empower ourselves by learning about the problems and the impacts we make by our choices. We are already thinking on how we can bring Rebecca to Forest School to show more of her wisdom and knowledge."  - Wayne, Forest School, Walthamstow


"Rebecca's ability to inspire and provoke thought left an indelible mark on all those fortunate enough to be in attendance. From the moment Rebecca took the stage, her passion and authenticity were palpable. She effortlessly commanded the attention of every person in the room, with her  personal anecdotes and experiences. Her journey, filled with triumphs and challenges, served as a testament to the power of words and their ability to effect change." - Sadie, Tudor Hall School

"Rebecca spoke to our souls, evoking emotions leaving her audience not downhearted, but hopeful, inspired and motivated to right action. There is no better champion for the natural world" - Lynne, Devon Wildlife Trust

"Rebecca’s talk is engaging, personable and not to mention motivating. You will leave feeling inspired and ready to make a change to your everyday living by stripping back to basics and being mindful of consumption."- Anna, ThirdWay Group

“Rebecca is a wonderful natural storyteller, with a wealth of experience and expert knowledge, she’s engaging, current and brings a fascinating perspective to the subject in a captivating way to the listeners."- Anna, Plastic Free Salcombe

"We were very impressed by the quality of Rebecca’s presentation. So much relevant & interesting detail supported by good visuals, facts & enthusiasm"- Andy, Blackdown Hills Farming and Woodland Group

"Rebecca is a consummate storyteller with a unique combination of all the skills, capacity and experience to inspire and enthral her listeners and audience." - Patrick, Sustainable Food Trust

"I invited Rebecca to speak to a large audience, introducing a new subject, and she not only was visionary and inspiring, she delivered both solid facts and entertained." - Maddy, Permaculture Magazine

"Rebecca Hosking is many things – filmmaker, photographer, farmer, writer, campaigner, naturalist. But, above all, she is an outstanding communicator. Based on her varied career, she tells stories that constantly engage and inspire. And she tells them with such charm and good humour that she connects instantly with her audience. It is a delight to listen to her and learn from her." - Kevin, RSPB Council

"Rebecca has been and is one of our most valued speakers. She is a marvellously original thinker – and, even more to the point, a doer. The farm that she established in Devon is truly a pioneer project. Rebecca is also an excellent communicator, a clear and engaging speaker – and, of course, she knows of what she speaks." - Colin, Oxford Real Farming Conference.

“Rebecca had an incredible store of anecdotes, and an absolute gift for storytelling and for explaining complex theories and ideas in a simple way. She made you understand difficult environmental issues, stretched your thinking, changed your life and made you laugh at the same time." - Sarah, South Hams Society

"Rebecca is such a find! Thank you so much for the recommendation. It was such a well-paced, well-researched and beautifully presented talk. Rebecca was so comprehensive and helpful there were no questions at the time." – Karen, VoucherCodes

"Rebecca's talk was great, she was so engaging and the pupils absolutely loved hearing about her experience working as a videographer. Her extensive knowledge of the ecological world was superb and her Q&A was equally brilliant - there wasn't a question she didn't know the answer to." - Francesca, Kings College