Rebecca Hosking

Wildlife Campaigner, Regenerative Farmer & BBC Filmmaker

How to hire Rebecca Hosking

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At events, Rebecca is known to discuss the following topics:

  • Sustainability 
  • Be The Change 
  • Think Global, Act Local
  • Working as a Group & Community 
  • Plastic Pollution 
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint
  • Working With Nature Within Businesses
  • Ecological Living 
  • Drive & Determination
  • Regenerative Farming 



"Rebecca’s talk is engaging, personable and not to mention motivating. She will take you on a journey through her own experiences and won’t cut any corners on the brutal truth of how crucial our climate emergency really is and has been for quite some time. You will leave feeling inspired and ready to make a change to your everyday living by stripping back to basics and being mindful of consumption. ThirdWay would thoroughly recommend her presentation for any setting and truly hope to hear even more from her great work in the future."- Anna, ThirdWay Group

"I have hear Rebecca speak to a large audience about marine plastic pollution a couple of times, and I’ve interviewed her on various occasions over the past few years – she’s always engaging, current and brings a fascinating perspective to the subject in a captivating way to the listeners. She’s a wonderful natural storyteller, with a wealth of experience and expert knowledge, and when she proactively spearheaded the Modbury campaign many years ago, she was way ahead of the game."- Anna, Environmental Journalist

"A fascinating talk by Rebecca. There was so much of interest, but I was especially impressed by the photo, after a storm, of the confluence between Rebecca’s trickle of clear water and her neighbours' flood carrying soil down to the ocean"- Blackdown Hills Farming and Woodland Group

"Hugely enjoyed listening to Rebecca. I have looked into regenerative agriculture quite deeply for sometime now but her unique viewpoint was really refreshing, and practical too"- Blackdown Hills Farming and Woodland Group

"We were very impressed by the quality of Rebecca’s presentation. So much relevant & interesting detail supported by good visuals, facts & enthusiasm"- Blackdown Hills Farming and Woodland Group

“How inspiring!... What a fascinating and well presented talk. I learnt a huge amount"- Blackdown Hills Farming and Woodland Group

"Rebecca is a consummate storyteller with a unique combination all the skills, capacity and experience to inspire and enthrall her listeners and audience." - Patrick Holden, Sustainable Food Trust

"Rebecca Hosking is a consummate professional with considerable skills and the capacity to communicate complex issues in an understandable and stimulating way. Whether this is with film, stills, or in person, Rebecca guarantees work of the highest standard, meticulously researched and delivered with a flare for storytelling. She is talented, original, and intelligent, and has both self-awareness and humour. I invited her to speak to a large audience, introducing a new subject, and she not only was visionary and inspiring, she delivered both solid facts and entertained." - Maddy Harland, Editor, Co-Founder Permaculture Magazine

"Rebecca Hosking is many things – filmmaker, photographer, farmer, writer, campaigner, naturalist. But, above all, she is an outstanding communicator. Based on her varied career, she tells stories that constantly engage and inspire. And she tells them with such charm and good humour that she connects instantly with her audience. It is a delight to listen to her and learn from her." - Kevin Cox, RSPB Council

"Rebecca has been and is one of our most valued advisers and speakers. She is a marvelously original thinker – and, even more to the point, a doer. The farm that she established in Devon is truly a pioneer project, not simply describing but demonstrating new ways of integrating productive farming with the natural world – an advanced form of agroecology which itself, in conventional circles, is still a novel concept. Rebecca is also an excellent communicator, a clear and engaging speaker – and, of course, she knows of what she speaks." - Colin Tudge, Co-founder and trustee of the Real Farming Trust. Director of the Oxford Real Farming Conference.

"I have heard her speak at a number of different events. She has an incredible store of anecdotes, and an absolute gift for storytelling and for explaining complex theories and ideas in a simple way. She can make you understand difficult environmental issues, stretch your thinking, change your life and make you laugh at the same time." - Sarah Linton, South Hams Society.

"Rebecca is such a find! Thank you so much for the recommendation. It was such a well-paced, well-researched and beautifully presented talk. Rebecca was so comprehensive and helpful there were no questions at the time." – Karen, Office Manager at VoucherCodes