Roz Savage

First Woman To Row Solo Across Three Oceans

Rowing is quite possibly one of the most challenging sports on the entire planet, Sir Steve Redgrave once said “shoot me if you see me near a boat again”, so can you imagine rowing across three oceans? By yourself? Roz Savage proved that anything is possible when she became the first woman to row solo, across the three oceans.

A journey that culminated in 3.5 million oar strokes, 11,000 miles, and over a year at sea. Living aboard a 23-foot rowboat, she wrote Rowing The Atlantic: Lessons Learned On The Open Ocean, during her lengthy adventure that few would dare to undertake.

Braving 20-foot waves, capsizing and facing death by dehydration she found peace on her adventure, encountering the many natural beauties the world has to offer. However, it forced her to develop courage, tenacity, perseverance for the fear that she would perish into the ocean.

Roz is by all rights a natural born adventurer, however unlike some of the explorers you can hire for after dinner speeches she started a little later than most. After working as a management consultant for nearly a decade, she decided that it was time to set herself free and compete in several rowing races, becoming the first woman to row solo from California to Hawaii.

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When at corporate events, Roz is known to cover the following topics:

  • Peak Performance
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  • Rowing & Adventurer
  • Perseverance & Motivation
  • Lessons From The Open Ocean
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Setting & Achieving Goals

Watch Roz’s TED talk here: