Esther Duflo

Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Esther Duflo is a world-renowned French-American economist who is the co-founder and co-director of the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab. Alongside her partner Abhijit Banerjee, they are trying to tackle poverty and understand the lives of the poor, and in particular, how a lack of understanding around poverty has caused a negative impact on the fight against it.

Recently, Duflo and her partner won the Nobel Prize in Economics due to their ongoing work on reducing global poverty. Duflo said that she was “humbled” to receive such a prestigious award and hopes that it will “inspire many, many other women”. Duflo says this after being only the second woman to win a Nobel award in economics. As well as being the second woman to win the award, Duflo also became the youngest person to win the award.

She is a truly inspiring woman who is motivating thousands across the world. Duflo is having an instrumental impact on the world and global poverty. Also spending a lot of time as an economics speaker, Duflo often discusses global poverty and what her aims and ambitions are in order to change the world. She also discusses a lot of life-related topics such as overcoming adversity and achieving goals.

As well as tackling global poverty, Duflo is also aiming to improve children’s education across the world. She is continuously trying to have a positive impact on the world and bring positive change. Duflo is a magnificent woman with admirable qualities, she is a role model to millions across the world and sets an impeccable example for other economists across the world to follow.

Although winning the Nobel Prize in 2019, Duflo has also won a number of other awards through her ongoing work across the world. In 2010, Duflo received the John Bates Clark Medal which is for people under the age of 40 that have made a significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge. Duflo has received a number of other awards due to her outstanding work towards global economics. Esther Duflo is a magnificent economics speaker who has an incredible ability to grip and inspire her audiences. Her life experiences and exceptional knowledge on a range of vital topics ensure she provides the most compelling after dinner speeches. As a speaker, Duflo often discusses equality and economics.

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  • Global Economics
  • Finance & Futurism
  • Nobel Prize
  • Drive & Determination

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