Dave Fishwick

Founder of 'Bank of Dave'

A Burnley businessman who set out to prove that banking can be easy, straightforward and honest, Dave Fishwick made the government and industry giants sit up and take notice of The Bank of Dave. Going against convention, Dave generated a global interest in his mission to go back to banking basics. A terrific finance speaker, the mixture of Dave’s humour and knowledge goes down well with almost any audience.

Dave started his business empire from modest beginnings working on a building site. With a passion for cars, Dave convinced a dealer to let him sell on an ‘old banger’ and he made his first ever profit of £27. Dave spotted a gap in the market for fitted vans and buses, making them as desirable as cars sitting in a showroom.

Ever since then Dave’s firm has become UK’s largest supplier and fitter of all things minibus. With credentials to back up his claims, Dave is a highly sought after business speaker within the after dinner speaker circuit. When the banking crisis hit in 2008, Dave set out to make a change, convincing himself that he can do better. Dave thought that surely it isn’t difficult to give savers a decent interest rate and lend money out locally at a slightly higher rate.

Despite industry experts telling him that what he was doing was impossible, Dave’s determination and spirit made the bank a success, with Burnley Savings and Loans exceeding all expectations. Dave gave any profits to local charities. Describing the trials and tribulations he went through to achieve his goal, Dave’s story is fascinating, making him a truly compelling finance speaker.

So intriguing was his quest for honest banking, Channel 4 documented his story, capturing his brilliant humour and unwillingness to take ‘no’ for answer. A national star, Dave encouraged a nation with his entrepreneurial spirit and ability to tackle an almost impossible venture. As a business speaker, Dave discusses the need for management and leadership to make any task a success. A hugely experienced business, Dave is a self-made man whose honest views will be a guaranteed success.

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When he’s at corporate events, Dave is known to cover the following topics:

  • Business Speaker
  • Finance Speaker
  • Fair Trading
  • Bank of Dave
  • Business Management