Kellie Maloney, formerly Frank Maloney

Former Boxing Promoter

Boxing speaker and ex-promoter and manager Kellie Maloney, formerly known as Frank Maloney, was involved in professional boxing for almost thirty years, taking him to fights around the world and bringing him into contact with some of the biggest names in boxing history.

Before becoming a specialist after dinner speaker Maloney was best known as the man behind Lennox Lewis; whilst managing the undisputed heavyweight champion Maloney helped Lewis win and maintain the World Championship throughout the 1990’s.

After working with Lewis for more than ten years Maloney went on to work with a further four world title winning boxers including the “Boxing Binman” Randall Munroe. Maloney also promoted David Haye when he became World Cruiserweight Champion and looked after dozens of British, Commonwealth, European and international champions.

Since retiring from working as a professional boxing promoter in 2012 Maloney has established himself as one of the most sought after sports speakers on the boxing circuit.

Alongside success Maloney has faced more than his share of adversity, with health problems of his own alongside the devastating suicide of one of his young boxing protégés. In his work as a boxing speaker, Maloney draws on both his positive and negative experiences, highlighting both the pressures and pleasures of working in the world of professional boxing.

Outside his work as a boxing speaker Maloney also stood as an independent London mayoral candidate in 2004. In his capacity as a politician Maloney is known for voicing his opinions and giving rousing public speeches and working as an after dinner speaker. Awarded the Boxing Promoter of the Year Award upon celebrating 25 years in the industry, Maloney dedicated his retirement to sharing his passions and insights with the world as an internationally renowned sports speaker.

In August 2014, Maloney revealed that he was undergoing gender reassignment and now lives as a woman called Kellie.

To book Kellie Maloney as the sports motivational speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When at corporate events, Kellie is known to cover the following topics:

  • Boxing Management
  • Boxing Promotion
  • LGBT
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Drive & Determination
  • Peak Performance

“We have just finished working with Kellie on a large scale conference. The theme was around gender identity and stereotypes, and our audience was split between practitioners and members of the public. Kellie was an absolute joy to work with from the start. Kellie arrived early to conduct media interviews which she was incredibly professional at doing. Kellie spoke on a stage to 700 people for about 40minutes and absolutely captivated the audience throughout. I have had a lot of positive feedback since the event, all because of Kellie’s presentation, and the way she spoke about her personal experiences. Kellie has a true talent for public speaking, and is a great name to attract people to your event. My thanks also to team at Champions UK who were easy to work with, and always communicated with me promptly.”
Rhianon GreensladeSafer Poole Partnership

“It could not have gone better. Kellie was brilliant very warm, open and interesting. She spoke without notes and told her story perfectly. We had a very diverse audience – there were Dentons staff and clients who are allies, LGBT+ staff and clients and several trans* people in the audience – and everyone really enjoyed it. While she was speaking, you could have heard a pin drop. Kellie also stayed and socialised afterwards, and you could see how much it meant to people to be able to talk directly to her. We are very grateful to Kellie for coming and making it such a successful event. Huge thanks to you and Kellie for all your work on this”.
Sophie PalmerSenior Associate, Dentons

“It was a great evening and Kellie was candid, down to earth and a great speaker for Evolving club. Please thank her enormously on our behalf.”
XavierThe Evolving club

‘It really was an amazing event, you guys and the BRG are amazing, impressive and courageous. Both Kellie and Gareth were so open and honest, we are really priveledged to have had them visit the office and share. Thank you so much.’

‘Well done to the Pride team in bringing Gareth and Kellie to ABZ. Their life stories were so, so thought provoking – huge learning for me . Utterly brilliant. Thanks.’

“Kellie was amazing, I love her sense of humour. I’ve already sent some feedback that I received, but here are a few extracts:

    • As for Kellie, she is just hilarious and such a lovely person – you picked so well as I found the diversity of panel to be brilliant.
    • Kellie is so honest and open about her past life and how she built up the smoke screen of a completely horrible person (she uses slightly more direct words!) to divert everyone from her struggles with her identity – struggles that very nearly destroyed her and her family.
    • Kellie is so open and direct and it was great to have a chat after the session 🙂
    • Kellie’s talk was insightful, challenging and moving – all delivered with candour and humour.”

Freddie Cormack, BP