Nick Wilson

Inspirational Mental Health expert through lived experience, Men's mental health campaigner and injured Soldier who raised an astonishing £75,000 whilst serving

How to hire Nick Wilson

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Nick's official speaking topics are listed below:

  • Mental Health, Disability and Self-Management - Providing a general overview of mental health and disability, the impact they have on the individual, the workplace and how others can best support someone with mental ill-health and/or a disability, plus the importance of us as individuals, accepting responsibility for and taking ownership of, our own wellbeing and how we manage it.
  • Mental Health and Disability in the Workplace - Helping organisations to benefit from embracing inclusion, what this looks like and how to identify the strengths and abilities of someone who has a disability. Talking specifically about how to make the necessary adjustments in your organisation, ensuring you implement any specific training correctly, to benefit from maximum effectiveness, and how to best communicate and support those with mental ill-health and a disability.
  • Transition & Change - Following a successful 14-year career in the military, Nick faced a traumatic decade long journey of transition, within a society which had become alien to him compared to the military, all whilst learning how to manage rapidly declining physical and mental disabilities. However, he has now successfully become an integral part of society, a well-known and respected member of his local community and an entrepreneur, creating two successful businesses and a men's mental health support group, that have helped thousands since launching in 2020.
  • My Journey - Nick has had a tumultuous life to date, from living on the streets at the age of 16, starting his first business at the age of 17 and joining the Army, to building two successful businesses and launching a men’s support group on leaving the military. From surviving several suicide attempts, self-harm and battling with Complex PTSD, Depression, Suicidal thoughts and physical disabilities, to his personal growth, development and journey of recovery. Nick can adapt his personal journey to talk on any topics related to, Mental Health, Transition, ED&I, Disability and Post Traumatic Growth, ensuring to meet all of your specific requirements.
  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention – Suicide remains to be one of the most challenging and taboo topics in the workplace and wider society, where arguably the associated stigma still results in the loss of life. Each death is one too many and can impact 135 people on average and attempted suicide numbers are estimated by the NHS to be 140,000 and so much work remains to be done. Nick has unique knowledge which any organisation would benefit from, with lived experience of attempted suicide and battling with suicidal thoughts, in addition to experience of helping others, whilst navigating the system

Official Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events

Feedback from In-Person Events:

"The event went very well! We have had a lot of fantastic feedback from employees and Nick was a fantastic final presenter who really drove home the message that understanding mental wellbeing is only the beginning, the real impact comes when you take the time to own it and ensure you are addressing it. I would really like to thank you for your support in arranging all of this with Nick, the process has been very straightforward which was greatly appreciated with the complexity of arranging such an event with multiple parties and the admin alongside." - Oscar, Amazon

"Nick did an amazing talk yesterday, everyone at Gilead found it useful and inspiring." - Deborah, Learning & Development Assistant, Gilead Sciences