Daphne Costa Lopes

Customer Experience Expert currently HubSpot's Head of Customer Success

How to hire Daphne Costa Lopes

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Daphne's official speaking topics are listed below:

  • Why Customer Success is Key to Durable and Sustainable Growth
  • Building a Second Growth Engine: Why You Should Invest in CS
  • Breaking Linear Growth with CX
  • Improve NRR By Focusing on Your Customer’s Outcomes
  • Artificial Intelligence, Automation and the Future of CX

Official Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events

"Daphne came to help us design and structure our Customer Success department from scratch.
She was present from hire 1 to growing our team to 5 members serving our customers in more than 10 countries.
Always with a big smile, Daphne helped the business understand customer success as a second growth engine, implement processes and systems to establish the customer success practice and define and track key measures of success of the CS department.
Working with Daphne was a pleasure and a great example of a successful consultancy." - Matheus, Chief People Officer at Evercam
"Daphne Daphne was invited to do a key talk at The Customer Conference, Europe in Dublin. Customer Success audiences can be tricky to satisfy - we are often overexposed to thought leadership, and our community talks about things like data, proactivity, process, and growth a lot in theory, but sometimes struggles to get right the practice of it all. Because of this, it can be challenging to come up with a useful concept that would impress audiences.
Not for Daphne! In an exciting session, focused on using data to power sustainable customer growth, Daphne presented the concepts clearly, challenged pre-existing concepts about the metrics in Customer Success and offered practical guidance on how any team could apply her methodology to achieve growth. It was clear she was highly experienced in the topic and an expert in what she talked about. She was well prepared, confident, engaging, and her session used the perfect balance between conversation and visual cues.
On a separate note, if you are someone who organises events, you would relate to the challenges of working with busy speakers; it may be hard to collect slide decks on time and speakers with busy schedules may take a while to respond, which can ultimately have an impact on the event. From this perspective, Daphne has been impeccable along the way - responding to emails promptly, always sticking to deadline, and executing to the highest quality.
If you are looking for an experienced, but interesting speaker for your next CS event - look no further! I am grateful I got to collaborate with Daphne and would always welcome a chance to do it again." - Morika, Customer Success and Technical Services Director, Permutive
"Daphne was my direct manager and later senior manager during my time as a customer success manager at HubSpot. Daphne is a fantastic leader and mentor who was a key factor in my own career growth over the past couple of years. One thing I really admire about Daphne is her approach to problem-solving and ability to keep a positive mindset in any situation. In my opinion, Daphne's human-centric leadership approach coupled with strong analytical and strategic skills make her a major asset to any organisation she is a part of." - Matthew Ward
"I asked Daphne to be a main speaker at the Customer Success Europe event. I was looking for someone who could deliver an engaging talk and interact with the audience. She did not disappoint. Throughout her presentation, it was clear that Customer Success Leadership is a subject that Daphne is both passionate and expert in. Her talk entitled "Culture + Process + Technology are the key to Customer Success", was delivered with energy and authority. She presented the argued that team effort, robust processes and smart technology are the key ingredients in the magic formula of a truly customer centric organisation. Looking forward to her next presentation!" - Peter, Chief People Officer, eDesk
"Daphne is an example of a modern business consultant. She has a great business mind and understands how to sell unique/bespoke concepts and products successfully to clients around the world. She expertly coached our business on sales strategy and how to package the products and services we offer, RADAR being the core service. We would recommend her to anyone offering innovative products or services to the market, regardless of what stage of business they are at. It has been a great experience working with her and we look forward to working with her again." - Michael-Philippe, Research and Development Director, Griffith College Dublin
  • 2022 - Principal Manager, Customer Success for HubSpot
  • 2022 - Executive Producer and Host of the 'This is Growth' Podcast
  • 2021 - Senior Manager, Success for HubSpot
  • 2019 - Manager, Customer Success EMEA for HubSpot
  • 2019 - Head of Customer Transformation - Retail inMotion
  • 2018 - Head of Operations, WNDYR
  • 2016 - Head o Customer Success Partnerships, WNDYR